Captain America: Civil War Mid And Post Credit Scenes Explained (Spoilers)

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If you are going to watch Captain America: Civil War, you have to remember that there will be two scenes to look out for. One is the mid-credits scene while the other is the post-credits scene.

This post will explain what happens in both scenes so if you have not seen the movie yet, look away as spoilers will be talked about. Just remember to stay in your seats as both scenes are worth checking out. Again, spoilers ahead so beware….

First up we have the mid-credits scene in Captain America: Civil War which occurs after all of the illustrated actor names are rolled out. We get an idea on what will happen to Bucky Barnes after the events that occurred.

Well the mid-credits scene shows us that both Bucky Barnes and Steve “Captain America” Rogers have fled to Wakanda. T’Challa (Black Panther) has a facility there and he’s trying to find a cure for Barnes since he can easily be brainwashed.

Barnes might be taking a rest in future Marvel films because he fears he might go out on a rampage again. Barnes chooses to get frozen again until a proper cure is found. Captain America chooses to lay low in Wakanda too.

The post-credits scene shows us how Peter Parker is recovering from the injuries he sustained in the airport fight. He got a big bruise thanks to Captain America and Aunt May sees this. Peter just mentions to her that Steve Rogers was a big kid. She doesn’t know he’s Spider-Man yet.

The end of the post-credits scene in Captain America: Civil War then just shows a Spider-Man logo that is projected by Peter’s web-shooters. Text follows that says Spider-Man will return. You will see him in his own movie called “Spider-Man: Homecoming” releasing in 2017.

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