Catch a Ride on the Payday 2 Hype Train and Unlock Rewards

by AOTF Staff

Overkill is at it again with a new Payday 2 community event, promising a slew of various rewards for reaching their set milestones. The latest event, known as Hype Train, follows 2014’s Crimefest, a wildly successful community experience that saw a handful of DLC unlocked in October. This time, simply raising the community’s member count isn’t going to be enough to get this train to its destination. Hype Fuel is used to, well, fuel the Hype Train so that it can reach various “destinations”. These destinations act as the milestones, with each one offering a new reward.

So how does one go about obtaining Hype Fuel? You’ll have to break out that wallet. Purchasing Payday 2 or any of its DLC earns Hype Fuel, which in turn is used to move the train along. The first stop is reached at 200,000 gallons and unlocks the “Side Jobs Feature”. The final milestone sits at 2,000,000 gallons and offers the most insane gift of all: PAYDAYCON L.A. That’s right, Overkill will give the game it’s own event, complete with a tournament. But reaching this goal won’t be easy. As a reference point, here’s what each purchase adds to the fuel pool:

  • One OVERKILL Pack: 3 gallons of Hype Fuel
    The OVERKILL 4-Pack: 12 gallons of Hype Fuel
    One Completely OVERKILL Pack: 14 gallons of Hype Fuel
    The Completely OVERKILL 4-Pack: 56 gallons of Hype Fuel
    Any one PAYDAY 2 game or DLC: 1 gallon of Hype Fuel

Currently, the community has amassed just over 1,000 Hype Fuel. It is also worth noting that we only have until March 12th to hit all ten stops. Starting March 13th and running until the 21st, the Spring Break event will kick off, bestowing all unlocked rewards upon the community one day at a time.

We’ll keep you updated on new details surrounding the event as well as completed milestones in the very near future. Until then, enjoy the trailer below for the Overkill pack.