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PayDay 2 Crimefest Offering Weapons, Masks and “Secret Stuff”


Overkill Software is celebrating the PayDay franchise’s third anniversary with an event called Crimefest. Weapons, masks, new features and more can be ours if we all work together to meet Overkill’s demands. The goal is simple: raise the PayDay 2 Steam community member count to 1.5 million by October 18th. There are milestones along the way to encourage us and each offers a different reward. For example, the first milestone of 350,000 members awarded brass knuckles.

At the time of this post, the community is sitting at just shy of 1,000,000 members, with that achievement awarding a “Judge Gun and Money Bundle Weapon”. As you can tell, the numbers are rising steadily and victory is almost assured. Notable milestones include the Old Hoxton Breakout Heist (1,150,000 members), the option to play as the Old Hoxton (1,200,000 members) and the ability to select a time of day for a mission (1,450,000 members). Of course, none of these have gained as much attention or curiosity as the final goal’s reward description, Secret Stuff. Your guess is as good as ours.

Spread the news to all of your Steam friends, and maybe a few strangers, and check back at PayDay 2’s Crimefest page (linked above) to track the community’s progress as we near our October deadline.

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