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Check Out The Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Launch Trailer

by Mike Guarino


Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is set to be launching later this month for the Nintendo 3DS in the US, but Nintendo has decided to unleash the game’s launch trailer a little early to tide everyone over. Just like every other game in the series, it looks like it will be both charming and hilarious all at once.

The plot for Paper Jam begins as Luigi accidentally knocks over a mysterious book containing the Paper Mario world while attempting to fix a hole in the castle library, which results in the Paper world unfolding across the Mushroom Kingdom. Of course, Bowser takes advantage of the situation and teams of with Paper Bowser and his army to kidnap both Peach and Paper Peach and wreak havoc on the land. Thus, Mario & Luigi team up with Paper Mario to save both of them and restore peace to the land.

Even though the game will not launch in the US until January 22, the game released everywhere else last month and has enjoyed pretty solid reviews. This will be the fifth entry in the Mario & Luigi series since it launched with Superstar Saga back in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance. Check out the launch trailer for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam below.

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