The Cole Train Riding In Gears of War Xbox One?

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Update: Since making the comments to fans, Speight has clarified that he is indeed interested in returning to play the role of Cole Train, but has not been contacted by Microsoft at this time. “Let me clear up misunderstanding I’m willing to reprise my roll as Cole Train but I HAVEN’T BEEN CONTACTED YET,” the voice actor said on Twitter.

Lester Speight, the voice for Private Augustus “Cole Train” Cole, has confirmed his involvement for the next Gears of War title set for release presumably for the Xbox One.

Lester Speight tweeted a simple “Yup!” when asked if he will reprise his role as Augustus Cole in the next Gears of War game. He also confirmed he received “a call” so the developer approached him first to reprise the role. They were kind enough to ring him first instead of ignoring him.

Microsoft bought the Gears of War license off of Epic Games. Gears of War on Xbox One will now be developed by Black Tusk Studios. This will be the studio’s first ever game so it will be interesting to see what they are able to come up with. Epic Games already released four Gears of War games for the Xbox 360. This new entry could add something new since it will be on the more powerful Xbox One.

Cole’s involvement could suggest other familiar faces might be in the new game as well. This might put a smile to fans’ faces. Sometimes when franchises are rebooted, we see all new characters. No other official announcements on the new game have been made yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know when it comes.

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