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Collidalot Crashes Onto Nintendo Switch Today

Extreme sports aren't extreme enough if they don't involve high-flying collisions and explosions.

by Jacob Bukacek

We’ve had games about destruction derbies before. We’ve had games about grinding rails before. It’s unlikely that we’ve had a game combining the two before, yet that’s exactly what Grunka Munka Games has delivered with Collidalot. In this game of specialized hover cars grinding rails at breakneck speeds, players must battle for map superiority as they struggle to gain position on their opponents and send them careening down into the unforgiving terrain below. It’s crash or be crashed-into in this games world, and survival is gained by any means necessary.

There’s not a lot of backstory present in Collidalot,  just enough to explain why its situation exists in the first place. In a world devastated by some unknown cataclysm, a new death sport has arisen that is apparently extremely popular. Piloting vehicles in this sport isn’t coerced, but sought after. Pilots that win and survive are showered with honor and glory, while the vanquished are probably just left where they fell. It sounds harsh, but that’s just standard post-apocalyptic wasteland procedure, really.

Collidalot can be enjoyed as a solo player with bots or with up to four other local players; online play is not currently supported. Each player has their pick of several unique ships featuring different attack and handling styles. Once their craft is selected, players can then choose between three modes of play and 18 maps to duke it out it in. Everyone entering a game should beware though; there are no true allies in Collidalot, and survival of the fittest trumps all other rules. Either knock the competition of of the map or get knocked-off yourself. Such is the law of wasteland death sports.

Collidalot is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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