Attack of the Fanboy

Consumers responding positively to Xbox One policy reversal at retailers

by William Schwartz


Microsoft capitulated to industry pressures earlier this week, when it seemed like both policies announced by Sony, and consumer backlash forced their hand in changing the announced features of the Xbox One. Having reeled back its game-sharing, used game, and connection requirements, the Xbox One has seen a boost in pre-orders as result.

Regardless of whether you think that Microsoft made the right move with the Xbox One policy changes, the impact is already being seen as the move has prompted a rash of pre-orders on the heels of the announcement. According to BGR, The Xbox One has jumped ahead of the PS4 in terms of pre-orders on Amazon, despite being a more expensive system that’s also rumored to be “less powerful” than the PS4.

The Xbox One “Day One Edition” is now the best seller in the retailer’s top 100 for Video Games. It looks like these pre-order numbers are racking up at record speeds. Regardless of which system is selling more, its beginning to look like finding a console on launch day may be easier said than done. Prior to the announcement from Microsoft that they were reversing their Xbox One policies, GameStop had already predicted shortages for both the PS4 and Xbox One.

With the additional interest from Microsoft’s Xbox One strategy shift, supply is likely getting even tighter at this point.

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