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Xbox One pre-orders have already surpassed GameStop supplies

by William Schwartz


GameStop has stopped taking pre-orders for the Xbox One.  The retailer has exhausted its stock of the new console from Microsoft.   According to GameStop, the Xbox One has seen “high demand” since pre-orders began, and it might be hard to find the console come November.

In comments made to Polygon, GameStop is still taking pre-orders through their website, and local retailers are likely still taking pre-orders for accessories for “The One”, as well as for the launch games on the system, like Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Sony of Rome, and Kinect Sports: Rivals.

When we pre-ordered our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One following E3, the GameSpot employee we spoke with told us that they had about a third of total systems available for Xbox One than they had for Sony’s PS4.     The employee jokingly alluded to the used game policies of the Xbox One, but the end result is that it’ll likely be much harder to find the new console than many expect.

Sony is also expecting supplies to be sparse this November.  Just yesterday, Sony’s Jack Tretton said that Sony might not be able to meet demand for the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft has not made similar comments about the availability of the Xbox One this holiday season.  The shortages could be GameStop specific, and could be due to the strained business relationship caused by the Xbox One’s new system wide restrictions on used games.

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