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Control’s First DLC Lands Three Months Later on Xbox

Xbox owners get delayed access to The Foundation DLC.

by Diego Perez


The first major piece of DLC for Control, a story expansion titled The Foundation, launches on March 26 for PlayStation 4 and PC players, but Xbox players will have to wait until June 25, a full three months after the initial launch, before they can get their hands on more Control content.

The Foundation DLC is set immediately after the ending of Control, sending protagonist Jesse Faden deep underground to the caverns of the Foundation in order to prevent the Astral Plane from consuming the Oldest House. Helen Marshall, the Head of Operations that mysteriously goes off on her own during the main campaign, will also play a prominent role in the expansion.

Other than continuing the story, The Foundation expansion also provides players with new locations to explore and new powers to master. A new skill called Shape is split into two forms called Create and Fracture. This new ability will not only be used in combat, but also to solve puzzles called Rituals that are new with The Foundation expansion. In an interview with IGN, Sergey Mohov, senior game designer at Remedy, stated that Shape is “a more direct way of affecting the environment because you actually make things grow out of the wall or a floor, and use them to either pierce through enemies or make a platform for yourself.” Shape sounds like it will open up several new possibilities for both combat and exploration, and it will likely be crucial in aiding players’ exploration through the expansion’s more open environments.


Mohov also said that the expansion will embrace the nonlinear and open level design of the main campaign and be packed with secrets to discover. “It’s been really fun seeing how the community responded to our level design choices and how people reacted to having these big side missions in the main game where you have optional boss fights that people didn’t really expect to find,” Mohov told IGN. “We wanted to integrate it more into our level design and make it really matter whether you go left or right.” Being set after the main story, the new areas in the expansion are designed in such a way to make use of all of Jesse’s powers, giving experienced players a reason to utilize their entire arsenal. According to Mohov, developers at Remedy have even placed bets on how long certain secrets will take to be discovered, so it’s safe to assume that The Foundation will be chock full of cool things to find.

The Foundation expansion launches on PlayStation 4 and PC on March 26, while Xbox One players will be able to purchase the expansion on June 25.

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