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Crackdown Release Date Undetermined but “Making Great Progress,” says Xbox Boss

by William Schwartz


While a new Crackdown game for Xbox One was officially revealed at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference last year, little has been heard about the open-world follow-up since.  While fans are getting restless to hear more about Microsoft’s E3 2015 line-up at this year’s show, they’ve been taking to Twitter to ask Xbox Boss Phil Spencer for details.

Spencer, who’s always good about interacting with fans on the social network, didn’t have many new details to share about the game.  But, he did say that the game is “Making Great Progress,” not revealing whether or not Microsoft would have anything to say about it at E3.

“Sorry, not announcing what games are where right now but Crackdown is making great progress,” reads a tweet from Spencer.

When Crackdown was revealed last year, it got many fans excited as it appeared to stick to the core open world gameplay and visual style of the original games, though looking much better on the new hardware.  Will Microsoft have anything to share that’s Crackdown related in the near future?  It’s entirely possible with E3 looming, but even if they don’t, Spencer’s comments sound like they are definitely still working on it.

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