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Cube World is Back from the Dead, Receiving First Update in Over a Year

| October 12, 2015

Cube World is Back from the Dead, Receiving First Update in Over a Year News  PC Gaming Minecraft Indie Cube World

Cube World was quite the indie darling back when it went on sale a few years ago. Long in development, which is understandable as the game is being made by just Wolfram von Funck and his wife Sarah von Funck, the game has been only intermittently available, and has received few updates along the way. All development seemed to stop back in July of 2013 though, with the game still up for sale until July 2015. After that Cube World was seemingly dead, receiving no updates, and not even remaining available to purchase.

That has ended though, with the developer tweeting out news that updates would be arriving, with hints of more to come. These aren’t major updates, not even touching gameplay mechanics, but they are the first signs of life of a game that was apparently long gone. The updates add extra music to the game, which you can already listen to on SoundCloud to get a taste for what is being added.

While this update doesn’t change much, it has sparked a resurgence in the community, with fans welcoming Funck back to the game and proclaiming an end to their long wait for updates. Many wonder if this is the start of a new chapter in Cube World history, with the possibility of more changes to come. Of course, Funck could just go back to not working on the game once again. Time will tell, but for now Cube World fans have hope where they used to have none.

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  • John Claiborne II

    Ignoring the people that you take money from is a recipe for a failed business model. He will never see a penny of my money in this lifetime. IF YOU WANT A HOBBY,DONT ASK FOR MONEY!

    • IPIay .

      Doubt anyone cares he already made his money’s worth.

    • tempuser

      He didn’t want to sell the game as early as he did. But there were so many people just complaining, badgering, and generally acting like toddlers about wanting to play it, so he just released it.

      He didn’t ask for money, this is was a response to the actions of people who don’t understand what it takes to build a game or the fact that a developer might have a life outside of it.

      Anyone who picked up the game should have done their research instead of blindly picking it up just cause it was the hot topic of the season.

      What I’m more worried about, is that game devs will probably look at this event and think it’s better to just ignore the constant screaming and begging of the public or just ignore them completely.

  • AlienBlast

    i really want to buy and play the game

  • blah blah

    About every 6 months I google to see if there’s any progress on Cube World. I’m not sure why I do any more. The issue with him selling this game is that folks thought he would quit whatever day-job he had and work on the game full-time. I guess he is working on the game full-time, but folks were hoping they’d see regular updates. They way things have gone, he should have just handed out alpha copies of the game for free for folks to play, get excited about and beta test. That way folsk wouldn’t have spent money and assume it was going to be a “business transaction”. Instead, he charged folks for it, then just went about his normal development pace (or perhaps did what Notch did and took some vacations), and folks were left wondering what they spent their cash on. They got a product, sure, but there was this unspoken expectation that Wollay would some how magically roll out more updates and get more work done on the game. Instead, it’s just lingered in development purgatory like Duke Nukem Forever. If it’s a hobby, then it should have been given away for free up until a beta version was done, and then start charging for the beta+ versions. If it’s not a hobby and Wollay is taking seriously, he needs to understand that by selling the product people are assuming he’s “doing business” and he’s failing at that aspect. He won’t hire anyone to help him, he won’t take volunteer work… ok, great, you want to work on your pet project all by yourself to give it the TLC you feel it deserves… then DON’T SELL IT. Just give it away and let folks enjoy it while you dawdle around on it. Once you have a beta product ready, then sell it. At the pace he’s going, it’s going to be 2050 by the time he rolls out a final product, and most folks feel he’s jsut resting on his laurels, dawdling around, or has simply given up on the project once the money started rolling in. This is the problem with “early access” types of things. People paid him thinking they were funding his further development. But, he has the money now. He could stop development and just give it up if he chooses. It wasn’t via kickstarter, so it’s not like kickstarter will force him to give the money back for failing to deliver. And he never said what he would deliver. His site has all kinds of future plans on it, but he never explicityl promised to do anything. So, in a way, we were all idiots to jsut toss money his way. We thought we were funding a promising developer, and it would light a fire under him to work more and roll out more updates. Instead, there’s just silence and random update talk here and there with nothing to show for it.

    • noahboah1112

      He’s updating it :P

  • Lucifer

    just pirate the game. you can connect to most servers with a pirated version anyways. the dude isnt selling copies atm.


    I’m glad to see the game finally alive again! I was starting to lose hope in it

    • Speedfire2

      Yeah, I havnt gotten the game though but I am planning to in the future, the fact that the community is coming back shows that life is still in the game Cube World.

  • Phrozen Flame

    Cube World > Trove

    *grabs voxel popcorn*

  • Demikus

    I like the game without the updates even

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