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Dark Souls 3 Pre-Order Bonus Revealed by Gamestop

by Kyle Hanson


Pre-order bonuses are all the rage these days, with nearly every major game featuring them in one way or another. Sometimes these are in-game items that offer extra gameplay, or exclusive customization options. However, Gamestop is going another route with their Dark Souls 3 pre-order bonus, featuring a nice physical collectible for fans to enjoy.

The item is a Dark Souls 3 poster, measuring 18″ by 40″ that was formerly exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con attendees. Now anyone can get the poster, which features images from the debut trailer, as well as marketing material used for the game so far. You’ll have to order soon though, the bonus is only available at Gamestop’s website, and will only be attached to orders placed before July 30th, or before supplies run out.

Thankfully this bonus doesn’t exclude fans from getting some in-game content, as other titles have been doing as of late. There won’t be any DLC, or other content that gamers will be left without, or have to purchase later at an inflated price. This is the type of pre-order bonus that many gamers enjoy, as they don’t really miss out on much by not getting it, but can appreciate the item if they did.

Dark Souls 3 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2016.

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