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Darksiders Genesis Announced, A Diablo-Style Spinoff of the Series

The series goes asymmetrical.

by Alex Levine


THQ Nordic has just revealed the next entry in the Darksiders series. Called Darksiders Genesis, the game has you play as Strife, another horseman of the apocalypse, in an ARPG akin to Diablo, very different from the third-person aspects of the main series.

Along with the announcement came a brief trailer, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you thought you were watching a trailer for another Diablo expansion, as the mechanics and aspects are literally the same as the genre defining franchise. The game is being developed by Airship Syndicate, the creators of Battle Chasers: Nightmare. The franchise began back in 2010 with the original Darksiders, where you play as War, the first of the horseman. This was followed by Darksider II in 2012, and then Darksiders III in 2018, where you play as Death and Fury respectively.

Apparently the story behind the spinoff will pertain to Strife doing everything he can to “save mankind from certain destruction at the hands of Lucifer.”  The only other information we recieved was that the game will be launching for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC. Interestingly enough, the trailer also states that it is coming out on the Google Stadia. We’re more than likely in for a more official reveal in regards to that once Google has their Connect Livestream momentarily.

You can check out the reveal trailer here:

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