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Day Z now available for purchase

by William Schwartz


Day Z, a popular mod for Arma II, is now available for purchase on the Bohemia Interactive website. While the stand-alone version of the game is still in alpha state of development, supports can now plunk down their cash to support the development for the project.

Good luck being able to buy it right now though. The release of the popular mod has sent many fans over to the bistudio store, and the website has a heavy server load at the moment.

Day Z is a zombies mod for Arma II. It uses many of the game’s systems to put players smack dab into the middle of a more realistic type of post-apocalyptic world than fans of the zombies shooter genre are accustomed to.

You can snag the stand alone mod at BiStore. Alternatively, Day Z can be found on Steam as well.

Day Z Early Access Trailer

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