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Days Gone to Get New Difficulty Setting, Weekly Challenges Post-Launch

Some post-launch plans for Days Gone have been revealed.

by Dylan Siegler


The first big PlayStation exclusive of the year, Days Gone, is set to release in just a couple of days on April 26. The game promises to be a fleshed-out, immersive experience at launch, but, as is industry standard at this point, players can look forward to extra content post-launch as well.

In a recent post on the official PlayStation blog, it was revealed that Bend Studio plans to start implementing its post-launch plans into Days Gone in June. One such plan for the game after launch will be the introduction of the new Survival difficulty setting. The game will come with three difficulty settings at launch: Easy, Normal, and Hard. However, Survival mode will take things to a new level by not only increasing general difficulty, but by also removing fast travel, Survival Vision, and elements of the HUD, like maps. Those looking for a truly brutal, immersive zombie apocalypse experience will likely find it with this new difficulty.

Additionally, Days Gone will start having weekly post-launch challenges in June, which are separated into three categories: Bike challenges, Horde challenges, and Combat challenges. What exactly these challenges will entail has yet to be revealed, but players who manage to conquer them can look forward to earning new Trophies and in-game bike skins.

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