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DayZ Hack Releases eMail Addresses, Usernames, and Passwords

by Kyle Hanson


Bohemia Interactive has announced that the DayZ forums have been hacked, leading to the release of eMail addresses, usernames, and passwords of anyone with an account on the site. The passwords were thankfully stored in a secure method, rather than plain text, but it is still advisable that users impacted go ahead and reset their password anywhere else that uses the same one.

“A security incident occurred on recently,” reads the announcement. “According to our investigation all usernames, emails and passwords from were accessed and downloaded by hackers. While the passwords were not stored in plain text, but in a more secure form, it is highly recommended that if you have used the same password elsewhere you change it immediately on all applicable websites and services.”

Bohemia apologized for the trouble caused by the hack, saying “We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused, and share with you one of the major changes planned in order to mitigate similar risks in the future. We will be replacing the IPBoards login system with Bohemia Account within the next two weeks. As Bohemia Account is a separate custom-built service currently used by Bohemia Interactive Forums and Store, it offers much better security and its use should prevent similar incidents going forward.”

The forums have been taken down while Bohemia works on this updated solution. Luckily this was just the forum information leaked to the hackers, so if you just bought and play the game you should be alright. If you were impacted by this, be sure to go through and change any passwords that might be similar or the same as your DayZ forum password.

- This article was updated on:February 4th, 2016

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