Dead Rising 4 is Coming to Steam on March 14th

by Kyle Hanson
Dead Rising 4 camera selfie

Dead Rising 4 is coming to Steam, with a newly announced release date set for March 14th. The game was previously available on PC, but only via the Microsoft Store, which kept it exclusive to Windows 10, and didn’t offer the usual integration with Steam that PC gamers tend to prefer.

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Dead Rising 4 was originally announced as an Xbox Play Anywhere title, with those who bought the game digitally on Xbox One being able to also play it on Windows 10 PC. However, the functionality was later cancelled for the game, with it still being available on the Microsoft Store, but not given for free to those who bought it on Xbox One.

This was likely the reason that the game wasn’t offered on Steam, with many other titles only being available on the Microsoft Store when they’re a Play Anywhere game. Getting Dead Rising 4 on Steam will, for some, be like the first release of the title on PC. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the Windows Store version, with it receiving reviews on par with its Xbox One counterpart, but so many PC gamers are entrenched in the Steam marketplace, that getting out of it can be a pain.

The Xbox Play Anywhere program has been a definite boost for games on the Microsoft Store though, and we’ve seen alterations taking place to deal with the inherent problems with moving outside of Steam. This includes cross-platform multiplayer, which was a definite problem for early titles, with some reporting only a handful of people online at any one time. This caused massive delays in finding a match, and kept those players sequestered away from the larger gaming population.

Dead Rising 4 was well received on Xbox One and PC when it first released, so if you’ve been holding out until now, maybe check out this Steam version when it hits on March 14th.

Dead Rising 4 – Coming to Steam

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018