Deadpool Movie To Have Mid And Post-Credits Scene; More Positive Twitter Reviews

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The Deadpool movie has now just screened for movie journalists and a few new details have been revealed. The movie will have a mid and post-credits scene and it sounds like the film will not disappoint fans.

Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez has been very vocal on his Twitter account after seeing the Deadpool movie earlier today. He shared some more small spoiler free details about the film.

A follower asked Gonzalez if the movie will have any post-credits scene. Gonzalez confirmed Deadpool has both a mid and post-credits scene, although the latter wasn’t shown during his screening but it will appear in the normal theatrical release.

In terms of the film’s quality, everyone that has watched it so far seems to like it. An early fan screening had positive reviews from fans that posted their reactions on Twitter, and today’s screening was no different.

Gonzalez noted that the movie “is so friggin’ HILARIOUS” and that it is “AWESOME”. He also confirmed that there are many fourth wall breaks and pop culture references.

Another film critic that saw the film, Daniel Alter, tweeted out: “OMFG #Deadpool Can’t stop laughing The X-universe will never be the same“. With positive reactions like this, the Deadpool movie is sure not to disappoint hardcore fans of the character.

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