Deadpool Ending/Post Credits Scene Confirms A Character In Deadpool 2 Movie (Spoilers)

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The first Deadpool movie is releasing this week and it looks like plans are already underway for Deadpool 2. The end of the first movie confirms a popular character will be appearing in the sequel.

If you want to watch the post credits scene yourself, avoid reading this post. If you want to know who appears in Deadpool 2, you can read on as it is pretty exciting. Either way, spoilers will be posted so you have been warned.

Anyway, after the credits roll there is another scene where Deadpool breaks the fourth wall to talk to the audience. Unlike Marvel movies, Deadpool tells us why are we still in the theater. He then drops an exciting bombshell about the sequel.

Deadpool confirms that Deadpool 2 is in production and that CABLE will be in the movie. However, he notes that they have yet to find an actor to fill the role. He says it could be anyone at this point and throws out random names including Keira Knightley for some reason.

Deadpool and Cable have a long history in the comic books and it will be cool to see the pair on the big screen. Personally, I’d love to see Stephen Lang play Cable as he has the physique and right face for the role. People may know Lang as the main villain in James Cameron’s Avatar.

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