Death Coming Launching for the Nintendo Switch This Month

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Zodiac Interactive has just announced that their indie puzzle game, Death Coming, will be officially releasing for the Nintendo Switch this month on April 25 through the eShop. Like many of its contemporaries, the game has flown a bit under the radar over the past couple of years. Despite this, it has built a fan following since it was released on PC in 2017, and now it has garnered enough recognition to grace Nintendo’s current platform with its presence.

For those that are unaware, Death Coming is an isometric puzzle game that puts you in the shoes of the grim reaper. The objective is to take out specific people in the most creative way possible such as a flower pot falling onto someones head, a skyscraper stand breaking and falling onto two bystanders, and changing the traffic light which causes a vehicle to run over a pedestrian. While it sounds gruesome and horrifying, the game appears to balance this out with it’s digital art style and funny overtone.

While you are trying to do your job as the grim reaper, their will be come angels, complete with CCTV style scanners, that will be looking to thwart your deadly actions. The cool aspect about this game is that their are essentially no rules other than ensuring that you eliminate the correct people. Their isn’t any specific order either, you can start wherever you want on your hit list. Like we said before, the game has been available on PC through Steam since 2017, but for those that have a Switch and want to harvest souls on the go, this is the best bet.

Death Coming launches for the Nintendo Switch on April 25 on the Nintendo eShop. You can check out the launch trailer here:

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