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Demon Gaze II: Global Edition Announced For Japan

by Jelani James


The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has revealed that Experience Inc. and Kadokawa Games will release a new version of Demon Gaze II exclusive to Japan, titled Demon Gaze II: Global Edition.

The original version of Demon Gaze II launched for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on Sept. 29, 2016 and got a DLC, Call of the Grimodar, sometime afterwards.

Fortunately, those who are worried about this being a special international release or expansion that would render western version of Demon Gaze II obsolete upon arrival can rest easy, because it isn’t. Rather, Global Edition is simply the “complete” version of DG II that fans in the West will be getting next month on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

As such, Demon Gaze II: Global Edition will include full HD support on the PlayStation 4 version, dual audio and the Call of the Grimodar already packaged in.

The release of this edition means little for Western gamers as they’ll be getting Demon Gaze II in their native language before Global Edition launches on Dec. 14. However, it does mean big things for fans in Japan — even if they already played the original. First off, this is the first title Experience Inc. has released a title on the PlayStation 4 and it would certainly be an interesting experience to play Demon Gaze II with full HD support on a large screen, instead of a handheld. In addition, this is technically a new version, so trophy hunters do have the option of playing through the game again for an extra Platinum.

In the meantime, fans in the West just have to wait just one more month before they can get their hands on DGII in their native language. It was initially supposed to be released back in March 2017 after Play-Asia posted a listing of an Asia version on its website, but that day never came. Instead, it wasn’t until several months later in July that NIS America announced it would be publishing the title for Western audiences.

Demon Gaze II launches for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 on November 11 in the US, and on Nov. 14 in Europe. Global Edition will come out for the same platforms in Japan on Dec. 14.

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