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Destiny 2 Cross Save Confirmed for September 17, Will Release for Steam

Bungie unloads tons of reveals right off the bat.

by Alex Levine


During the beginning of the Destiny 2 Livestream, both of Bungies head executives revealed some new information regarding the game going forward. One of the biggest revelations to this that Cross Save has been officially confirmed and apparently will be for every single platform out there.

According to the company, cross save has been one of the most important aspects that they’ve been aspiring to achieve over the past year. According to the company, this includes Sony, who has infamously been against cross-play/cross-saves for the longest time. However, since they caved in with Fortnite, Sony seems to have been a little more open to the idea of utilizing the feature.

That wasn’t the only big reveal, as they also announced that the game will finally be releasing on Steam, the biggest PC digital retailer on the market. The main reasoning behind this move was due to the fact that they are no longer with Activision, they felt the need to branch out and make their game even more accessible. The change makes sense as this will give them an even bigger audience to work with.

Finally, Bungie has also stated that their will be no more exclusive weapons, events, or cosmetics from this point, which is just music to our ears. This was all just revealed during the opening segment alone, so we can’t wait to see what else they have in store with their brand new expansion Shadowkeep which will also launch alongside these new changes.

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