Destiny 2 Dungeons Will Cost Extra Starting With Witch Queen Expansion

Bungie is charging separately for dungeons in Destiny 2.

by Adam Braunstein


Destiny 2 is approaching yet another huge expansion this year, but that doesn’t mean all is well with the Guardians of the world. Bungie has announced that the new dungeons added with the Witch Queen Expansion will actually cost extra. That means not only is it not included in the Destiny 2 season pass; which by its very natured is paid for to begin with to give you access to ALL DLC, but it won’t even be available in the standard editions of the game either. Gamers are understandably not okay with this recent development.

The reason this is such an infuriating turn of events is that Destiny 2 has never done this before. Previously, if a dungeon was released, it would be part of an expansion or maybe even a free update. If you wanted the new content, you would just have to buy the season pass, and boom, you were in for all DLC from that point forward. Bungie has apparently canceled the meaning of the season pass with the new Destiny 2 dungeons.

Shockingly, this isn’t even the sketchiest thing Bungie has done this month either as just a few weeks prior to this, Bungie said that Forsaken content would be leaving permanently on February 22nd. What this means is that if you purchased that DLC or season pass, it’s going to be missing from your game come February 22nd. You will also not be getting a refund for this from Bungie either. The problem is that the players that buy these expansions are doing just that, they are buying them, not renting them. This contract should’ve been upheld by Bungie and unfortunately, it was just the beginning of the sketchiness that would unfold.


The mindset behind this recent news from Bungie is definitely causing some huge issues within the community as they were already fed up with the content they had paid for being removed already. If you happened to be perusing Reddit today, the most unliked comment of the day comes via the Destiny 2 page where this announcement took place. In terms of practices that MMO’s generally use, charging for individual dungeons is by far the worst the community has seen in some time and the backlash coming from all community pages might end up making Bungie rethink their model here. The Witch Queen expansion isn’t even out yet and already it’s one of the most hated add ons in the games’ 4-year history.

The other side of the coin is obviously that Destiny 2 is now free to play and to expect more content to come to you for free isn’t really a reasonable request, but here’s the thing, many Destiny 2 players were playing before the game became available for free. That means they paid the price of a full game and yet are still being given these stipulations. It wouldn’t be shocking to see lawsuits start coming in regarding both the removed content and the DLC Destiny 2 dungeons suddenly not being part of the season pass. Stay tuned here.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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