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Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Revealed

by Matthew Jaques


Destiny 2’s official Twitter account today revealed the launch trailer for the highly anticipated FPS sequel via a Tweet and various social media channels.

The trailer shows both cinematic and gameplay footage, opening with the Tower from the first game blowing up, and the Cabal and Vex in control of things, and a guardian strapped to a torture device recalling the loss of the war in the first game. It appears that Bungie are aiming for a more narrative driven experience than the first game.

It also shows a lot of Sparrow combat, which will be a welcome addition to fans craving more than was available in the first games. The Sparrows also look somewhat more detailed in what appears to be gameplay footage.

Another thing revealed with this is the new super abilities for the Hunter, Warlock and Titan classes. The Hunter is seen activating his Sunslinger super ability at the end of the trailer, confirming old sub-classes are going to be in the sequel alongside new ones.

Cayde-6 is also shown reprising his role with comical absurdity, holding a chicken – surely a vital plot device.

The sequel plans to release DLC in a more timely fashion than the first game, and has three dev studios behind it to make sure publisher Activision keeps the flow of extra content coming post release. The same Season Pass will be available for the first two expansions, referred to simply as Expansion I and Expansion II, with further content coming in the future.

So get ready for a stronger narrative, a longer campaign and gameplay that will have you itching to jump on the nearest sparrow and ride around the Destiny universe we all know so well.

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

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