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Destiny 2 Locations will be all New, No Returning Areas

by Kyle Hanson


Hopefully you’ve spent enough time in all the locations featured in Destiny and its DLC. According to Bungie’s Mike Zak you won’t be seeing them again in Destiny 2. Sure, you’ll visit the Tower, at least once in order to watch it fall. After that though everything is brand new.

No, in Destiny 2 we really wanted to take you to new places

During our interview with Destiny 2 Art Director Mike Zak we asked if there would be any returning locations from the first game. “No, in Destiny 2 we really wanted to take you to new places. We’ve all spent a lot of time in the Destiny universe…so for us it was really about ‘hey let’s go somewhere new. Let’s get some fresh palettes. Let’s get some fresh looks.”

This fits with the fresh start sort of feeling that the game has. Bungie has been pushing for this game to serve as a jumping on point for new and returning players. And even for those who’ve been hooked on Destiny for years, the old locations have been run through so many times that most are probably tired of them at this point.

Destiny 2 featuring only new areas will help give it a unique feeling against the original game and its DLC, and will give players a lot of fresh content to explore. This includes the hidden locations within the map that make them feel more alive and realistic.

So far we have the four revealed locations. These may be all that Destiny 2 has to offer; Bungie was reticent to reveal new info outside of what was shown at the event. Even if they are though, they offer a very big shift from the first game and its DLC. Exploring them should be a lot of fun, and players will likely put a lot of hours into doing so.

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