Destiny 2 Players Are Upset With the Champion System in Season of the Lost

The Destiny 2 Community is Demanding Changes

by Aaron Nashar
destiny 2 season of the lost armor ornaments

Destiny 2 Players are calling for an entirely reworked Champions challenge system, some are outright demanding it after an escalation during the “Season of the Lost” update launch.

Reddit users are also offering various fixes that would make Champions a better experience if Bungie doesn’t want to scrap it altogether. For example, artifacts shouldn’t contain Champion mods, or as another Reddit user suggests that Destiny 2 Ghost mods should be used instead of weapon mods, which would let players use their preferred loadout instead of swapping Ghosts.

“If they’re going to keep this system, artifacts shouldn’t contain champion mods. Instead, every weapon should have an additional mod slot that says “Champion Mod” and in that slot I can use whatever the f— champion mod I want, however, I want AND IN ADDITION not take away from mod slots on armor. (I mean game design wise, isn’t my gun getting modified anyway…?)” thelegendhimsef said on Reddit.

Destiny 2 had added the Champions Player Vs Environment system in order to challenge high-rank players who find the rest of the game a relatively easy grind. Champions are a type of enemies that have different varieties including Unstoppable, Overload, and Barrier. Players’ objective is to find those champions in only high-level content like Nightfall: The Ordeal, and defeat them.

No word yet if there are any plans to rework/modify the Champions challenges in Destiny 2, however, with Bungie’s track record with listening to the players’ concerns and finding solutions to such loud outrage, it should not surprise anyone if the system is changed by the time “The Witch Queen” update releases in February 2022.

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play first-person shooter game with some MMO elements that was launched back in August of 2017 and is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as PC and Stadia.