Destiny 2 Players Are Upset With the Champion System in Season of the Lost

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by Franklin Bellone Borges
Destiny 2

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is one of the most successful games in recent years, but some of its players are not particularly happy about how the games’ developers handled one of its most characteristic mechanics, the Champion System, in its current 15th season, the Season of the Lost.

The main complaint among the community is in the fact that the mods needed to defeat the enemies, share, on many occasions the same slot, limiting the player’s actions, while also making them take on uncountable trips back and forth as they need to make constant changes to their weapon of choice as well as in their whole composition to be able to take down the foes, among many other things.

You can check out a little more about the opinion of part of the community on the Reddit post below, made by user u/thelegendhimsef on the game’s official Subreddit:

Destiny’s 2 Season of the Lost debuted on August 24, 2021, and will run until February 22, 2022. You can check out the official synopsis of the season below, as it is present on the game’s official product page on Steam:

”Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken. It would be an understatement to say that much has transpired in her absence. Her brother, last seen lying in rest, walks among the Guardians wearing a new name; Xivu Arath’s forces rally in the shadow of the Black Fleet; and Savathûn has been revealed at the heart of the Endless Night.
And so, it is now, under the light of a long-awaited sun, that Mara Sov returns to her Dreaming City and seeks an audience with the Witch Queen.
Sister to Xivu Arath and Oryx, this family of gods have challenged humanity for centuries. It was Savathûn who defied the Black Fleet, even as it drove a wedge between her and her sister. Although her motive remains obscured, Savathûn’s involvement with the Endless Night demands answers.”

You can play Destiny 2 right now on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You can check out the game’s latest patch notes here.

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2021

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