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Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Arrives on May 11th

Everything you need to know about the Season of the Splicer.


Season 14 for Destiny 2 is just a week away with the Season of the Splicer set to arrive on May 11th, 2021 and will run through August 24th, 2021.  With the new season, there’s a ton of content coming to the game, from new activities, the return of a fan-favorite raid, new armaments, and story beats.  Bungie has outlined the new season and here’s everything that you can expect from Season of the Splicer in Destiny 2.

The Story of the Endless Night

Guardians are going to be working with Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light to put an end to an endless night caused by the Vex.   Working with Mithrax who possesses knowledge that can help combat the Vex, players will utilize a new chamber in the Tower where they’ll be able to harness this tech and ultimately respond to the Vex’s perpetual night.

Season of the Splicer Activities


Bungie highlights a couple of specific activities that are going to be front and center during Season of the Splicer.  That’s a 6-Player Matchmade Activity called Override and a Weekly Pinnacle Mission called Expunge.   In Override players will form fireteams of six that utilize the Splicer technology to hack the Vex network.  As the week’s of the Season go on, the weekly Pinnacle activity will see Guardians uncovering new vulnerabilities in the Vex network using Splicer keys to infiltrate and destroy it from within.

Vault of Glass Returns


The Vault of Glass is the original raid in Destiny and all players will get access to it regardless of what version of the game they have.

New Armor Options and Armaments


The new season is also going to bring about some changes to the way armor works in Destiny 2, at least in how it’s customized.  Ada-1 is going to play a role in allowing you to use a system called the Loom in the Tower that allows you create a material called Syntheweave.  This item will basically allow you to turn any piece of armor into a Universal Ornament.  The idea here is to give players the ability to create unique looks and styles of armor using this new system.

In terms of weapons and armor, there’s going to be plenty of that as well.  Bungie says that there will be over 30 new and reprised Legendary weapons to use in your fight against the Vex.  The thirty weapons and the potential for different rolls should provide something for everyone.  That said, there will also be some new armor as well.  For Hunters, the Star-Eater Scales allow them to charge supers more quickly by consuming Orbs of Power.  Titans will get the Path of Burning Steps which convert Solar elims into increased weapon damage.  For Warlocks the Boots of the Assembler condenses healing rifts or empowering energy and benefits fireteam members.

As expected there is also going to be another Season Pass, in it there will be unique items which include an Exotic Stasis Sidearm, a Splicer Gauntlet, and Splicer ornaments that can augment the look of armor.

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Dates


The Season begins on May 11th and will run through August 24th but the content within will be staggered out.

May 11 (Free for all players)

  • Intro Missions
  • Armor Synthesis
  • The Endless Night begins

May 11 (Requires Destiny 2 Beyond Light)

  • New Stasis Aspect Quests

May 11 (Requires Season of the Splicer)

  • Override Europa

May 14 

  • Trials of Osiris Begins

May 18 

  • Iron Banner
  • Override Moon

May 22 

  • Vault of Glass Raid Available  (All Players)

May 25 

  • Weekly Pinnacle Mission Override Tangled Shore

June 1

  • Weekly Pinnacle Mission

June 8

  • Iron Banner
  • Weekly Pinnacle Mission

June 15

  • Vault of Glass Raid Challenges
  • Weekly Pinnacle Mission

June 22

  • Weekly Pinnacle Mission

June 29

  • Iron Banner
  • Weekly Pinnacle Mission

July 6

  • Solstice of Heroes Begins
  • Vault of Glass Difficulty Options Available

August 3

  • Solstice of Heroes Ends
  • Iron Banner

August 10

  • Epilogue

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