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Destiny 2 will Keep its Lore In-Game, Shifting Away from Grimoire Cards

by Kyle Hanson


Destiny had a large, sprawling story full of interesting characters with fascinating backstories. At least, it did if you went to Bungie’s website and read the Grimoire Cards that were featured there. The game itself did not have much of a story, until the DLC started adding more of it. So, will Destiny 2 follow this track? Will it keep its story relegated to Grimoire Cards? We asked Bungie’s Mike Zak and his response was “no.” Well, almost a solid “no.”

“Are Grimoire Cards coming back?” I asked Destiny 2 Art Director Mike Zak.

He responded, “Our goal is definitely to bring all of that lore and all of that story into the game as much as possible. And so you’re gonna see that in our worlds, and the way you explore them, and the things you do there. We’re really trying to layer in lore like that. Things to find. Thing to Learn. Things to discover. In the world.”

Not a definite “no” when it comes to Grimoire Cards, but if they do end up in the game, it at least seems like they won’t be necessary to understand or enjoy the story in Destiny 2. This is a huge and very welcome change for the series, helping build it up as the massive scifi universe that Bungie seemed to be going for with the first game.

Before the release of Destiny it was looking like a big new universe for scifi fans. It delivered some of this, but there were some very clear issues with the plot and universe as launched. Fixes came in the DLC, but it’s still struggled to build the world that it originally promised. The launch of Destiny 2 could be the final fix for all of this, giving players old and new a story to get attached to, while adding the the ever-growing Destiny lore.

Check back for our full interview with Mike Zak soon. Destiny 2 hits PS4 and Xbox One on September 8th, with a PC release coming later.

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