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Destiny 2’s Gambit is Free to Try This Weekend

Bank those motes before the opposition can zap you with Sleeper Simulant!

by Jacob Bukacek

The arrival of Destiny 2: Forsaken introduced many new features into the game alongside several major tweaks to the basics. Forsaken is a great experience on the whole, but its most notable addition could very well be its brand new PvP/PvE mode: Gambit. Guardians who bought the expansion have had a couple of weeks to learn what it’s all about, but those who’ve decided to wait have only had one brief opportunity to give it a try. That will change this coming weekend, because Bungie is opening up Gambit to all Destiny 2 players once again.

Starting on Friday, September 21 through Sunday September 23, all Destiny 2 players will have the opportunity to play the Drifter’s dangerous game of risks and rewards. The rules are simple: two teams of four guardians compete against one another to destroy enemies, collect the motes they drop, and summon a boss. The first team to defeat the boss wins the round, and the first team to secure two rounds takes the match. It’s rather straight-forward, but there’s a catch: both teams have opportunities to interfere with one another.

Collected motes must be stored in each teams bank, and banking large amounts of motes sends powerful blocking enemies against the opposition. Five motes sends a small blocker, ten sends a medium blocker, and fifteen sends a large blocker. Banking motes is impossible until these enemies are dealt with, costing one’s opponents precious time. What’s more, players can invade the other team’s territory directly. These invaders are out to do as much damage as they can, either killing players carrying a large number of motes or going after everyone in attempt to heal their boss. In this game mode, effectively trolling the other side can quite literally mean the difference between victory and defeat. All this put together makes Gambit a truly unique experience that every guardian of the Last City should try out for themselves.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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