Destiny 2’s Next Update Will Bring Back Stat Trackers

See if your favorite stat trackers made the cut.

by Jess Menga
destiny 2 season of the worthy guardian wants his stat trackers

When Destiny 2‘s Season of the Worthy began, one change immediately stuck out to veteran players: the stat trackers that had once displayed on certain emblems were now missing. Many were not pleased.

Bungie announced that the stat tracker system had been altered for Season 10 with the intention of allowing players more ways of displaying their achievements in game, even making trackers optional, should some players prefer a clean emblem.

This sounded like a great idea on paper, that is, before it removed the stat trackers players had equipped with pride. Now players are upset with the publisher, expressing that after seeing their stats disappear, the time and energy they dedicated towards building these stats now feels like a waste.

Among those removed was the one on the Empyrean Foundation emblem, which tracked the amount of Polarized Fractaline a player donated to the Season of Dawn event that set the stage for Season 10. Those players who had donated the most Fractaline to add to the community’s progress would not be able to display that feat come the new season.

In the patch notes for the 2.8.0 update, Bungie stated that emblem perks and auras had been removed, but they did not mention a removal of most of the stat trackers players valued. Now the publisher wants to rectify the situation.

Update 2.8.1 – Returning Stat Trackers

Bungie has expressed an understanding for players’ dismay. Now a few weeks into the Season of the Worthy, the publisher has announced that they will be releasing a new update later this month that will bring back many of the stat trackers Guardians have been missing. One of those is the tracker for the amount of Fractaline donated to the Season of the Dawn’s Empyrean Foundation. The following is a list of the career stats that will return with Update 2.8.1:


  • Forge Completions
  • All of the trackers below are hidden if their value is zero:
    • Season 8 Season Pass Rank Earned
    • Season 9 Season Pass Rank Earned
    • Number of Tier III encounters completed in the Reckoning
    • Fractaline Donated
    • Menagerie Completions
    • Heroic Menagerie Completions
    • Kills of Haunted Forest Terrors
    • Deepest Branch of Haunted Forest Cleared
    • Completed Branches of the Verdant Forest
    • Revelric Light triggers during the Revelry
    • Candy Collected
    • Recipes Baked


  • Heroic Missions Completed
  • All of the trackers below are visible on their class:
    • Kills as a Sentinel, Striker, or Sunbreaker Titan (3 separate trackers)
    • Kills as a Arcstrider, Nighttstalker, or Gunslinger Hunter (3 separate trackers)
    • Kills as a Stormcaller, Dawnblade, or Voidwalker Warlock (3 separate trackers)


  • Gold Medals Earned
  • Longest Glory Win Streak
  • Total Valor Resets
  • Iron Banner Rank
  • Gold Medals Earned in Iron Banner
  • Iron Banner Bounties Completed
  • All of the trackers below are hidden if their value is zero:
    • Wins in Trials of the Nine
    • Flawless tickets in Trials of Nine
    • 7th column Medals Earned
    • Annihilation Medals Earned
    • Undefeated Medals Earned
    • We Ran Out of Medals Medals Earned
    • Ghost in the Night Medals Earned
    • This Crown is Mine Medals Earned
    • I Made This for You Medals Earned
    • Kills in Crimson Doubles
    • Kills while under the effects of Iron Burden


  • Kills of Final Bosses in Escalation Protocol (available on Mars and Escalation Protocol emblems)
  • Completed Nightmare Hunts on Master Difficulty (available on Luna emblems)
  • Pit of Heresy Solo Flawless Completions (available on Luna emblems)


  • Infamy Rank Resets


  • Prestige Leviathan Completions (available on Leviathan and Guided Games emblems)
  • Prestige Eater of Worlds Completions (available on Eater of Worlds and Guided Games emblems)
  • Prestige Spire of Stars Completions (available on Spire of Stars and Guided Games emblems)


  • Nightfall Challenge Completions

This concludes the list of stat trackers that will return with the 2.8.1 update later this month. Bungie acknowledges that this is not a complete list of all the trackers that were removed with the Season of the Worthy, but they invite players to continue giving feedback with the knowledge that there is a hard cap on how many stats can be listed on emblems, and room must be left for future seasons and activities. There simply isn’t enough space for all the stat trackers of the past 2.5 years.

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