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Destiny 2 – Season of the Worthy: Patch Notes Postscript

Player identity system, rewards, and Crucible as covered in Season 10's first patch.

by Jess Menga


Just yesterday, the Season of the Worthy made its Destiny 2 debut with the Patch 2.8.0 update and Bungie’s long list of patch notes documenting tentative season changes. This article focuses on player identity systems, in-game currencies, and the new Crucible activities Season 10 has to offer, all broken down into manageable pieces you can digest between loading screens.

It also happens to be the last post in this patch note series, where you can learn about the new weapons nerfs, armor buffs, class ability balancing, and more.


  • Emblems now have Stat Trackers that relate to an emblem’s source/category and break down into categories:
    • Activity Categories include Seasons, Account, Crucible, Destination, Gambit, Raids, Strikes, and Trials of Osiris
    • Time Span Categories are comprised of Weekly, Seasonal, Career, and All of the Above
      • Career stats respect pre-Season 10 data where possible but will mostly begin tracking in Season 10
    • Stat Trackers can become Gilded when Stats level up
    • Access Stat Trackers through the Triumphs screen
      • Categorized as Seasonal, Weekly, Career and All
      • Sub-categorized by Stat Tracker type
      • Featured Triumphs on the Triumphs overview have been reduced from displaying 3 to 1
  • Collections
    • The Emblem collection now reflects the Stat Trackers’ organization structure
  • Emblem Variants have been converted into their own Emblem items
  • Emblem Perks and Auras have been removed from Emblems


  • Clan Banner Perks have been updated for Season 10


  • Ships
    • Fixed an effects issue on engines of Lost Legend
  • Ghosts
    • Fixed an animation issue with Sanctum Plate Shell
  • Sparrows
    • Updated thruster effects for Dawning sparrows Chill of Winter and Holiday Cheer
    • Fixed effects issues for Azure Azazyel and The Bronco



  • Bright Engrams are no longer sold in the Eververse store and can only be earned by leveling up the Season Pass
  • The Season 9 Fond Memories Bright Engram has been retired and replaced by the Season 10 Luminous Bright Engram
  • Eververse now offers a Silver sale item that will refresh daily
  • Banshee-44 now has a chance of selling Season 9 seasonal armor mods
  • Improved Crucible Scanner Ghost Shell perk has been created
    • Has a chance to roll on Crucible-themed Ghosts
  • Two new consumables are available in Eververse, each for 250 Bright Dust; the Scavenger’s Boon and the Glimmershard
    • Scavenger’s Boon
      • Enemies killed with precision damage have a chance to drop Planetary Materials
      • The effect lasts 4 hours and only one Scavenger’s Boon can be active at a time
    • Glimmershard
      • Defeated bosses have a chance to drop additional Glimmer
      • The effect lasts 4 hours and only one Glimmershard can be active at a time
  • Bugs fixed to ensure various Legendary Engram previews accurately represent their contents
  • Shadowkeep campaign exotic armor now has the proper source string in Collections
  • Eververse store now offers discounted bundles to players who own some of the contents
    • No longer advertised as “Sale,” but instead reads, “Complete the Set
  • Season 8 weapons acquired from the Season Pass now have a valid source string in Collections
  • Several multiplayer emotes that had were labeled “Emote” are now labeled “Multiplayer Emote
  • Year 3 exotic armor items in Xur’s inventory now properly require Shadowkeep instead of the Season Pass
  • Mod Components no longer dismantle as a stack

Power and Progression

  • Updated XP rewards from Mars chests and public spaces to be consistent with Shadowkeep values
  • Reduced the power of the incomplete version of “Legend of Acrius” when purchased from a vendor
  • Paid character boosts raise the player to the new soft cap of 950
    • Character boosts cannot be purchased until a player’s first character has reached the soft cap


  • Trials of Osiris to return every weekend for Season 10 starting Friday, 3/13
    • Talk to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar to start the Trials journey
  • The Anomaly, Cauldron, and Exodus Blue maps added to Crucible to appear in most playlists
  • Fixed numerous out-of-environment bugs on Distant Shore
  • Fixed numerous out-of-environment bugs on Fragment

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