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Destiny Beta PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison Video

by Kyle Hanson

We’ve already compared both new-gen versions of Destiny using screenshots, but now we have a video. In this video we ran through the Destiny Beta character creation process and the first mission on both the PS4 and Xbox One. Some sections were splitscreen, while others were shown by themselves, all so you can get a good look at both versions and decide for yourself which looks and feels better to you.

Both PS4 and Xbox One owners will enjoy Destiny to its fullest extent. At least when it comes to visuals and atmosphere.

Of course, it is important to note the details of how this video was created. Both systems were running at the same brightness level, with the same exact setup, meaning the recording PC was the same and was using the same capture card and program. Both systems were outputting, and were recorded at 1080p, although the Destiny Beta is being rendered at 900p on Xbox One. This will be fixed for the final release though, so it will end up being native 1080p. Also, during character creation a slightly different skin tone was selected, so don’t freak out over the final face having a different color.

Now for some “expert” analysis. Looking at the two side-by-side made me realize just how similar the two releases are. Despite the Xbox One Destiny Beta release being rendered at a slightly lower resolution, they both looked crisp and clean. As with any multi-platform release there are some tiny differences, but they seem much more minor than normally expected

Colors are slightly different, and it seems like gamma and black levels might be as well. However, which one looks better is likely a personal matter. Lighting, smoke, and particle effects look great on both systems. During the stopped scenes, such as when the Fallen stand on the car, it seems like PS4 edges out Xbox One with a few sharper details, but that could be due to the lower resolution during the Beta. Any other differences aren’t enough to force me to say one looks significantly better than the other in the end.

While it might annoy those looking to choose between the two, there being little to no difference is good news for gamers. It means that both PS4 and Xbox One owners will enjoy Destiny to its fullest extent. At least when it comes to visuals and atmosphere.

Destiny will be released September 9th on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.

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