Destiny Going Offline Tomorrow to Prepare for Update 1.1.1 Launch Later This Week

by Kyle Hanson
Destiny 2

UPDATE 2: The update will be hitting today, Wednesday, Feburary 25th. Click here to read the full patch notes.

UPDATE: Maintenance has been extended till 4pm Eastern Time.

Bungie has announced that Destiny will have some planned downtime tomorrow, February 24th between 1pm and 3pm Eastern Time. The game will not be altered in any way as a consequence of the maintenance, however the purpose if to prepare for some big changes later on this week. The much talked about Update 1.1.1 will be hitting Destiny some time later this week, bringing with it a host of changes that will impact Destiny for everyone.

Destiny Update 1.1.1 is planned to deploy later on this week, after tomorrow’s maintenance.

We’ve talked previously about Destiny Update 1.1.1, which looks to fix a number of issues with the first person shooter. One of these changes is the mandatory matchmaking that will accompany the Weekly Heroic Strike. No more solo runs for  you Guardians, from now on the game will fill up your Fireteam before you take on the enemies of the Traveler.

Other changes are coming as part of this update, but Bungie hasn’t gone too in-depth about the specifics. We do know that weapon balancing will be a big part of Destiny Update 1.1.1, so get ready to relearn the list of best weapons in the game. Pulse Rifles are going to be getting a big boost in the update, with other weapons being dropped in effectiveness to more accurately balance the multiple weapon types.

We’ll have to wait until Update 1.1.1 is live in Destiny before we know everything that Bungie has changed, so keep an eye here for updates as they come out. As usual with any update like this, the community will probably be split as to whether it improved or ruined the game. We’ll see how things shake out when Destiny Update 1.1.1 hits later this week.

- This article was updated on February 25th, 2015