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Destiny Servers Will Be Down Today

by Bill Hess


Destiny servers will be down today for maintenance between 10am PDT and 2PM PDT.  The outage is scheduled maintenance for the game, and is not expected to introduce any new content for Destiny or update the game to impact the gameplay in any way.

Regardless, if you find yourself unable to connect to Destiny later today, don’t be surprised.  The server maintenance will also impact the Destiny Companion app, so you’ll have to be completely without Destiny for a few hours here today on May 17th.

That’s ok, Destiny fans do have a lot to be excited for in the coming days.  An upcoming gameplay reveal for Destiny 2 is taking place this week.  Our very own Kyle Hanson is out in L.A. currently checking out the game and we’ll have some gameplay, interviews, and thoughts to share about Destiny 2 in the days ahead.  There will be plenty of Destiny 2 flooding the internet in just a short time.  You can keep your eyes peeled to our YouTube channel for gameplay.

If everything goes planned during the server downtime in Destiny, servers should be back up by 2pm PDT later today.  You can get back to completing your final trials at that time.

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