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Destiny Trials Of Osiris Canceled This Weekend Due To Glitch

by Scott Grill


Destiny players looking forward to testing their mettle in the Trials of Osiris this weekend will need to make other plans. Bungie announced it is canceling the weekly multiplayer event due to a nasty Rocket Launcher glitch that could affect Iron Banner as well if not fixed in time.

The glitch was discovered by players and allows Rocket Launchers to essentially enjoy unlimited ammo. This is obviously not ideal for Destiny multiplayer and especially not for competitive events like Trials of Osiris. Bungie decided to cancel the event than allow exploiters to have a field day.

“The thought of a Trials map being renamed ‘Rocket Town’ sends a shiver up our spine. The esteemed Brother Vance will be ordered to stand down. Trials of Osiris will return of course – and that right soon – but we’re going to ensure that we can restore the Heavy economy to its usual balance,” Community Manager David “Deej” Dague explained in the Bungie Weekly Update.

This potentially also affects Iron Banner as well. The monthly competitive multiplayer event should start on Tuesday, May 31. That’s a week and a half away, but Bungie needs time to find the solution, test it properly, submit the update to Microsoft and Sony for approval, and then release.

“Any and all game changes rely on elaborate testing to ensure safety. One wrong move and we could turn you into a Tower bot.,” Dague explained to fans on Twitter.

There is currently no timeline on when a fix will be in place for the Rocket Launcher glitch.

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