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Destiny Update Looks to Fix Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris Issues

by Kyle Hanson


Earlier this week Bungie announced that they would be cancelling the Iron Banner multiplayer event in Destiny. The cancellation came after a few days of connection issues, which impacted a lot of players, along with many modes, such as Trials of Osiris. Now, they have issued a hot fix in the form of Destiny Update, which aims to resolve the problems once and for all.

The patch should be arriving any minute, so if you’re playing Destiny today be on the lookout for it to download. Afterward you should see better connection, with less issues. Bungie will be monitoring the hot fix to ensure that it actually addresses the problems, and doesn’t create any new ones along the way.

If all looks good they have said that Tirals of Osiris could return as early as tomorrow, and the Iron Banner might come back next week. The full patch notes for Destiny Update are: “Fixed an issue that could occur when inspecting activities being played by a large number of friends. And fixed an issue that could prevent matchmaking into an activity that was being played by a large number of friends.”

Hopefully this patch clears up any problems and players can get back to slaughtering enemies, and each other, very soon.

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