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Update: Destiny update producing “Stinkbug” errors for many players

| October 7, 2014

Update: Destiny update producing "Stinkbug" errors for many players News  Destiny

Destiny received an update today, one that seemingly prepared the game for the upcoming Iron Banner events, removed Quick Scoping, and alleged to aleviate connection issues.  Unfortunately, the update has produced a new error that many players are encountering, stopping them from connecting to the Destiny servers altogether.

The Stinkbug Error message is something that Bungie is currently working on, according to a recent tweet by Bungie Help on Twitter, and apparently it’s an expected issues that resulted from this morning’s patch.

“We are still working on updating Destiny.  The stinkbug error message some people are seeing is expected.  Thanks for your patience!,” reads a tweet from the developers.

Bungie has offered no clarification as to an ETA when those affected by the Stinkbug Error will be able to access the Destiny Servers.

Update: “The Destiny update is now complete! Game on.” reads announcement from Bungie.

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  • Mr. Wildner


    • Brad Nelson

      You should remove the profanity it’s not helping anyone. Especially yourself.

      • Chowie

        Awe, someone is butt hurt.

        • Brad Nelson

          Not really it’s just ignorance is kind of a silly solution to a problem.

          • poop

            More ignorant than a ramble-on sentence, fuck nuts?

          • Just Sayin’

            It’s just a swear word. I don’t think we should be in the business of telling people how to express themselves on a public forum. It wasn’t directed at anyone but rather at the situation. so as Mr.Wildner said… FUCKK

          • Mr. Wildner

            My man!

          • John.wotts

            Profanity is in the eye of the beholder. You say words everyday that mean the same thing. Isn’t that ignorant?

          • troller87

            fuckkkkkkkk!!!! shitttt…. balllls …… dickkkkkkk!!!

          • Antwan Lecator

            Freedom of speech

          • jj

            actually freedom of speech does to protect profanity, thrats, or insults

      • christ alive

        oh waaa waaa waaa boo hoo

      • Raul Melendez

        Who the fuck are you to tell anyone what to say?

      • R M


      • Fauq Brad

        Fauq you Brad. It helps me. Great job Mr. Wildner 52 upvotes VS 8 for Brad the guy that can’t handle a simple curse word.

      • fuckshitnutzcunt


      • nice one brad

        You should use sentences with proper structure and grammar. It’s not helping anyone, yourself least of all.

      • Bob

        Brad Nelson, you are right. Keep it classy internet.

    • Nate Jones

      Wow! Go outside and do some physical exercise instead of complaining your life is over because of a VIDEO GAME! And trolling the message board isnt going to fix the issue any sooner so pull you panties out of a bunch and get over it!

      • Mr. Fuck

        He just said fuck. No complaining or anything just fuck. Fuck is a beautiful word. C:

    • Hi

      How did this degenerate into a steaming pile of shit so quickly

  • diabloblade

    Yup, I got the stinkbug error just now…..Hoping the fix is gonna be quick. Its my day off lol and i need my dailies and bounties done!

  • They said it would only be for a few hours, and even gave people notice about it. Not sure why people are freaking out…

    • Jesse Cole

      Never heated anything about a few hours nor did I hear about an update coming out today.

      • kris

        It was on the internet and the destiny helper app..NOTE: The following update will be applied at approximately 7AM Pacific on Tuesday, October 7th. The maintenance window for this work will interrupt Destiny services for several hours. You will be unable to play the game during that time.

    • Brad Nelson

      A few hours would have been done an hour ago…that’s why people are “freaking out”. Go graduate high school kid.

      • Chowie

        Actually, a few hours would be in 45 min. Please l2timezone.

        • Brad Nelson

          O.o. you are correct I missed the Pacific. We shall wait another 40 min.

          • poop

            Tell more people to go graduate you illiterate cunt.

          • R M

            You do realise how fucking hilarious it is that you told somebody to graduate high school when you were actually the one making the error of an uneducated child? Are you not embarrassed that you basically just called yourself an idiot in public?

      • kris

        Hmm not sure you’re right on that one. Perhaps go do something other than sit crying a game isn’t working. Jeez.

        • Brad Nelson

          You obviously missed everything kris. That’s ok I will catch you up. I cannot express tears through any means of text. Crying? No. Please do me a favor and grief else where.

          • Hotshot X3

            Rage more Nerd! Hahaha

          • kris

            This paragraph make no sense. Grants with that… Oh and for the record , the communication says several hours not a few hours. I appreciate reading and understanding could be a little difficult for you though.

    • The surfing philosopher

      The notice came out today. There was no notice before the maintenance. Notice the date of the news article you have posted. It is dated 10/7/2014, today. The maintenance is today. This is why people are upset.

      • Hot fix notes are from the 6th. You had notice. More importantly, short notice means quick fixes in this case. Also, the reset is every Tuesday and this is typically when updates will happen. Don’t blame them because you are uninformed.

    • ahrmann

      I know, right? God forbid people that don’t have copious free time want to play the game they played $60 for (or more). What a bunch of selfish jerks. Just let Bungie tell them when they’re allowed to play.

  • Ps4 Klaas

    This is not Nice. Didn’t they test the”update”? Grrrrrr

  • warlock

    I Just bought the game and am unable to play it because of some patch issues. This sucks.

    • vapor642

      It’s ok bro your not the only one .. ='(

      • PeanutZach

        it’ll be worth the wait, it’s really good, more wait means more excitement, your gonna love it can’t wait to get back on :D

  • Fuck

    Fucking fucking fuck

  • Facts First

    Does this game ever work?

    • Sweg


  • ace

    i just t my xbox apart and cleaned the insides and the disc drive so i could play this it isnt working lol such is life

  • Sprvln

    Why is this news? Fuckin idiots don’t understand that the servers are down for maintenance?

    • luke cockhold

      servers are back up, just wont let some people connect due to a stupid stinkbug. one thing for sure is that it stinks and its a bungie bug

  • Guy

    @ Aaron I was able to access the server to download the update in the first place. This is afterwards. There was a clear distinction in the error screen me and other users are getting, and the “server is offline” from early this morning.

    • kris

      There’s two parts to an update. The client side one you downloaded earlier and the server side one that bungie have to apply and communicated would knock the server down for several hours from 7am pacific time (about 3pm GMT I think)

  • A-Jason Helton

    It’s all good! Though I hate my gaming time being interrupted. They should reward me with Vanguard points and reputation as well as Motes of Light and Strange coins. I can hope right>?

    • PeanutZach

      Yeah you could hope, but your hope will only be let down :D

  • Jay

    A 500 million dollar game and Bungie and activision can’t even get it right. I don’t know how many times i’ve been kicked out of the game world. Too many. I actually had to buy a 50ft ethernet cable and snake it through my house to connect my xbox one just so i could play. And i still get kicked off every now and then. Now, i can’t play at all. If i drop money on a product i expect it to work.

    Before you say i have a bad connection. I can have laptops, computers, cellphones, smart TV’s, gaming consoles connected to my wireless internet at the same time with no problems. I can play any other game like GTA online with no problems. And yes, i’ve turned off all other connections before playing Destiny. I have the best internet and wireless setup you can buy. The problem is on Bungie’s end.

    • kris

      Unlikely bungies fault but your own network connectivity. You stated running an physically connected cable helped which kinda proves it.

      • Jay

        Wrong. I have the best you can buy. I’v had laptops, cellphones, desktop computers, smart tvs connected at the same time to my wireless network with no problems. I can also play any games wirelessly like GTA 5 with no problems. The problem is on Bungie’s end. Plain and simple.

        • Kev

          Seems like you have too many devices connected to your wifi previously. If your internet doesn’t spit out around 40 mbps, you will experience some lag even wired up.

        • kris

          The best money can buy all use TCP connectivity. Games like this use UDP which rely more heavily on could connectivity from your house to the local exchange. Sorry.

          • Jay

            Still Bungie’s fault. Don’t expect Bungie to write you personal letter of thanks for being a fanboy. Sorry.

          • PeanutZach

            this patch it to correct problems to do with disconnection and failures so you should be happy

          • kris

            Sorry I’m not a fanboy. I had dc’s too put am empathetic enough and understand the technology enough to know you won’t get 100% uptime unless your sat in a bungie comms room. I’m running off a 1Mbps link and about 2 miles from my exchange and can deal with the dc’s. Admittedly its annoying.

      • TOO$HORT

        I personally have a fast internet connection and yet I get kicked off alot as well. A lot determining how much I play it. If I play it for an extensive amount in one day it kicks me out 3 or 4 times. If I just sit down for an hour it usually doesn’t. Still with that I say alot.

        • kris

          The games use UDP protocol rather than tcp which you use for the internet surfing. I don’t think it matters how “fast” it is. If you loose packets in transit then the client anx server side will get out of sync and I guess that’s what causes the disconnect. That’s not to say that bungie can’t improve things. Look at wow. That was terrible for dc’sfor years, much worse than destiny in my opinion but they fixed it eventually. Give them chance to tweak stuff.

      • Thorn2267

        Lmfao. Network maintenence 101, everybody needs to get there panties out of a bundle and stop blaming a brilliant design company on their own incompetence. Their just tryin to make the overall experience better for the fans and earn some respect, which they deserve for the hard work theyve not only invested in destiny but all the other titles that have set the bars high for the times they were released. Would u want ur clients talking crap about u just because ur doin some routine maintenance, changing the oil in their car for instance, doin them a favor. U guys, girls, it’s frustrating, but let them do their thing and get up and do something productive. With the time they’ve given u, maybe, just maybe you’ll find your own destiny. .OUT.

    • Creeper51

      That’s probably your internet connection not being very good, even with the ethernet cable. I run into the same problem because I use a crappy company for my internet, it’s cheap but from time to time I have connection issues.

    • dreg

      “If I drop money on a product I expect it to work”
      >>>>>>>>>>>playing on Xbox one lol

      • Jay

        Great, a fan boy. You must be 12 years old. Shouldn’t you be in school?

        • Chowie

          And if it was happening to ps4 used the xb1 users would be fanboys.

        • joe


  • Jesse Cole

    Ummmmmmmm this stinks, pun intended.
    If they knew this was going to happen you would think that maybe, they would have found a way to fix it, before they did the patch.

    • sk1tz3r

      Bit stupid placing the patch in the first place :-/

  • Photo

    I just bought the game too! FUVK ME

  • Guest

    Ok ok new patch, it’s ok to have new patches but please try it 500 time after send to the players. I prefer to be 5 days without updates that be 5 days without a game that I have payed to play like millions more.

  • Exelgen

    There are no issues, this is planned maintanance and patching, it was all announced!!! they said it will take several hours. No one can play now, you’re not alone ;)

    • Enigma

      I think these announcements should be done in game.

  • Winter

    This game is full of errors. Why people are surprised is beyond me lol.

  • xanibrutal

    Thanks, assholes. It’s my day off and I am now that much further from levelling up. Gonna be stuck in the low 20s forever.

    • ^ Butthurt

      Sorry they didn’t plan their update around your busy schedule. Next time try to send them your insanely busy life schedule to them in advance so they know when they’re allowed to try and fix the game. Again I am SO sincerely sorry for your inconveniences.

  • camper

    it was working fine b4 i downloaded the ps3 patch ? now after i installed it all i get is shitbug ?? great work dev team

  • Travis Siwakowski

    fuck so now i go play dota 2 ig…

  • Glitter-Fingerz

    Wtf man. Had the game like 3 days and now I can’t use it! Come on bungie sort it out!!

  • Guest

    Ok ok new patch, it’s ok to have new patches but please try it 500 times after send to the players. I prefer to be 5 days without updates that be 5 days without a game that I have payed to play like millions more

  • Jesse Cole

    First those who don’t have the stink uh message can play….. Second I have the stinkbug error…. So the point if the story,
    Going back to titianfall, fuck destiny.

  • Apf

    Girl friend’s in the bathroom ” this is my chance to play” oh shits not working. Not good not good

  • Jesse Cole

    A/B……A/B…. Yep still not working

  • deana pena


  • sk1tz3r

    Sick of my life.. just paid 35 pound for the 2 expansions and this happens :-(

  • Christoffer

    Make it possible to play offlin! This is just lame.!!

    • kris

      I don’t know where to start with this comment :

  • ace

    fuck the fucking fuckers

  • camper

    the purpose of a patch or update is to ‘fix or improve’ software ! not make it unplayable ??? great half a billion dollars swindled from investors and then the same figure from gamers pockets ? someone needs to be charged with fraud . its amateur hour.

  • VladimirPutinBoss

    fuck you bungie a stupid error for a shity update, the same shit maps..that gear is shit…I am done with this game

    • Chilltfo

      Ur still gonna play when its updated. Chill out. So many angry people. STFU n relax.

      • VladimirPutinBoss

        stf u fucking cunt and suck my asshole bitch

  • james

    Fuck you bungie, you may have expected this issue but i did not! Not only have i/we as players payed a fortune for the game AND been forced to put up with cryptprick shafting us fir our legendary engrams but i now come home from a hard days work and am unable to play the game! GET IT FIXED NOW WANKS!!!

    • coast

      £45 is hardly a fortune

  • Stephen Burnett

    Absolutely disgusting. You pay all this money for a game,and can’t even play it.Get your act together BUNGLE…sorry… BUNGIE

  • Pete

    I’m not touching this game after MCC.. Bungie done goofed

  • Joseph huff

    This Sucks………!!! We deserve the game we paid for, please fix it ASAP………….

    • VladimirPutinBoss

      you fucking retard this is not a bungie of page

  • VladimirPutinBoss


  • Dylan Wright

    I was on this morning at like 9am (central) and had no issue then this popped up…I wanna play Dx

    • VladimirPutinBoss

      who is that cunt on your pic?

  • v2 General Zod

    Whoever ‘Brad Nelson’ is, stop getting butt hurt by every comment you read. Stop constantly trying to prove you’re right when you’re wrong. It’s entertaining to watch but also annoying. And don’t even bother commenting on this because I won’t be coming back to read it.

    • VladimirPutinBoss

      ass smell

    • v2 General Zod

      ^^^^^ But you guys add me on Xbox. GT is my nickname ^^^^^

  • james

    Fuck you brad, we’re not happy and ur not helping … Dicknut

  • evilfangs .

    Great! I just 100% plat Shadow of Mordor and was than going back on Destiny when I get this stupid error, now I’m unable to even play Destiny till it’s fixed. Always online strikes again.

  • scotlandsboyrob

    I just have to laugh at this chat !! a bunch of swearing whinny children . It is just an over priced under devolped additing space game . Relax and put this energy into something good and productive . Like planning your next raid or your hellium farming route . Blessings .

  • ace

    another troll

  • Tharsin

    Wow, this guy is an idiot. Numerous reposts coming in since yesterday that Destiny would be down until this afternoon. Chill out dude…

  • Upset Destiny Gamer

    I payed money to play this game, £54.99 on launch day, why cant I play it when I want to?
    What happens in 15 yrs when I want to play this again? Will Bungie upgrade me for free to their latest game? And its something they were expecting? My rear-end, they screwed up again!

  • Morons…

    NNOOOO! I cant play teh only gaem, Bungie r the worse!! I hav nothing else 2 do EVER! i only haz the one game now i dont no wat 2 dO! i cant play a difrent gaem :( Y? cuz bungie stupid, activision 2 I hat u 4EVER

  • jwillz

    This is not good! Only just bought it!

  • Mike Fildes

    Bungie pisses me of! They should do these kind of updates when the majority of people are tucked up in bed! 7am puts it at peak time for the majority of the planet! Absolute fucking idiots!

    • luke cockhold

      well said, something stinks and its bungies bugs

  • A

    The servers are offline because of a patch. They posted about this with a lot of anticipation, the stinkbug is nothing but an offline notice, have people never played an online game before? Seriously.

    No reason to freak out.

    • luke cockhold

      the servers are online, it read destiny servers offline when u could’nt connect now they are online people cant play due to the fin stinkbug. also its an online game so how could u get a code offline windowlicker

    • Dert

      Fuck that

  • ceedoubleyou

    Bah, I say. Bah. And again I say: bah.

    • Warlockundeez

      Listen up you fuckers, you screwheads. Now I want answers goddamnit. Somebody give me the EXACT time the server gonna be back on! Woot woot

      • ace

        NOW!!!! jk

        • Tamanduas cage

          Dickless ponyboy mongoloid moon cricket conundrum sack gobble the children hollow ointment anointment

          • ace

            horse fucking cock juggling thunder cunts

  • Austin Pereira

    Scheduled Maintenence ETA… Several Hours, ugh.

  • Raistlin546

    I love how every one was complaining that they needed to fix things in the game. Now you get your wish and they are fixing them. Now you same people are complaining that you can’t play because of the update you asked for!!!!!! Wtf.

    • luke cockhold

      the update is done, people are left with stinkbug after they are supposed to have fixed the bugs

  • algae

    Looks like this error has everyone on edge… lol

  • lee

    is it back on yet

    • Mr. Wildner

      I think it just came back

      • lee

        get in been waiting for hours

    • Mr. Wildner

      okay it did

      • lee

        eh whats happening, is it on or not?

        • Mr. Wildner

          It is lol

  • ace

    its on

    • lee

      for ps4?

      • ace

        any luck?

  • ace

    xbox i know for sure but i would think ps4 too be retarded if not

  • haubke

    Stil probleem heren, wen Will it Be fixed? Anybody?

  • Thanks Xbots

    Press B to dismiss. All Xbox’s fault.

  • zombie12n

    Well shit

  • Jason Owenby

    You know what the worst part of Destiny is? The crybabies in every comment section of every story about the game. “I paid 60 bucks, I want EVERYTHING NOW, ALL THE TIME, NO DOWN TIME, ALL MY WILDEST DREAMS FULFILLED! THE GAME SHOULD DO EVERYTHING I WANT! 60 bucks! I deserve to get what i want right NOW” They just sound like a room full of Verucas.

  • Mr Verbal

    Yo pink face get off your high horse and shut the fuck up, patience is a virtue!! Go and choke your chicken for an hour or so!

  • Mr Verbal

    Raul Mendez hit the nail on the head ?

  • Bryant Whittaker

    It’s not even an error. It’s what’s supposed to happen since the servers are under maintenance. Right?

  • Gota lotta

    The game is going to lose momentum soon..#unity#advanced warfare.

  • Gota lotta

    Oh yeah. Grow up wildner. . The little kids read this too..str8 gangstas use common sense my man. No disrespect to you…. but keep it gangsta

  • Scott Davis

    Do a soft restart on your xbox and when it fires back up it should work

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