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Destiny’s Mercury Lighthouse To Go Dark In August

by Jelani James


If you have yet to see the Mercury Lighthouse in Destiny, then you better get on it fast. Bungie has announced the exclusive location will close its doors for good by the end of August.

Destiny 2 is rapidly approaching, like a sneak attack that’s just about to crest the horizon,” Bungie stated in its blog. “This means that our two competitive end game experiences will be going into hibernation before reemerging to spread their beautiful wings in unexpected ways in Destiny 2.”

Specifically, the Mercury Lighthouse (and by extension the Trials of Osiris) will no longer be accessible following the weekend of August 11. The other “competitive end game experience” refers to the Iron Banner, and its last event be held during the week of August 1.

Entering the Mercury Lighthouse is part of the reward bestowed upon those who are able to complete the Trials of Osiris event with a perfect score (9-0). There are ways that make the journey easier, such as buying an item that nullifies a loss or one which automatically grants you a win, but considering that the event was high-end PvP without automatic matchmaking, it is still exceptionally hard to get into. In fact, most players have not seen the Mercury Lighthouse despite it being around since 2015.

Those who do manage to get inside, however, are blessed with many rewards. Among them are exclusive weapons, a legendary emblem and a chance for a random piece of exotic armor or weapon. The biggest reward, however, is bragging rights — despite most of the rewards only being accessible via PvP, they are available in all game modes. As such, it is common for people to enter a random strike or raid and show off their winnings to those who have no hope of getting the items themselves.

For now, it appears only the special PvP events are slated to be shut down. In the post, Bungie noted weekly playlists, raid challenges, arena rotations, Armsday orders and Xûr will all continue unchanged.

So with that said, its highly recommended players try to make an attempt to see the Mercury Lighthouse before it closes its doors. Sure, Bungie already confirmed the Trials of Osiris will be coming back in Destiny 2, but there’s no guarantee it will return in its original form.

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