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Destiny’s PlayStation Exclusivity Suddenly Ends, Xbox One Now has Everything

by Kyle Hanson


Since Destiny first released just over two years ago there has always been a small schism within the playerbase caused by PlayStation exclusivity of certain items. Multiplayer maps, weapons, skins, and other content was locked away behind Sony’s agreement with Activision, and while we were told it was timed exclusivity, there was no sign of it ever truly ending. Then, suddenly it did.

Late yesterday, without any mention of it from any of the companies involved, Destiny’s PlayStation exclusivity came to a close and all of the content that had been hidden away was suddenly available on Xbox One. You can check out an entire list of the content right here, put together by the fans since Bungie and Activision weren’t saying anything about it.

Of course, the timing of this is rather disappointing for Xbox One fans of Destiny. Destiny 2 just came out last month, and most hardcore players have switched to it at this point. Not everyone has abandoned Destiny yet, but the extra content that has become available will likely not get used all that much.

And those who were relieved by this will just have more problems later on as Destiny 2 has a similar exclusivity deal for PS4 content. But at least now, two years later, Destiny players on Xbox One can finally get everything that’s been available to other players this whole time.

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