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Destiny’s Red Bull Promotion Hits Another Snag As Scammers Find Exploit

by Dean James


Destiny has not had a very good few weeks, with more controversy than you can shake a stick out over the upcoming The Taken King Expansion. Other outcry has come courtesy of the new Red Bull partnership that is bringing an exclusive quest and XP bonuses to the game, but of course scammers have already found a way to exploit it.

While The Taken King doesn’t launch until September, the special Destiny themed Red Bull cans are already out in the wild, as an exclusive to 7/11 for now. You cannot access the special Red Bull Quest that is part of the Taken King until the expansion launches, but you can go ahead and access the 50% XP bonus for 30 minutes by entering the code on the Red Bull site.

The major issue that has surfaced is that they were not too smart with their unique codes they created for this contest, as scammers have been able to replicate codes and use up codes from cans they never purchased.

According to Kotaku, there is an exploit by using a certain combination of numbers and letters. It can easily make a code and then use it instantly.

This seems fine and dandy for those getting the content, but these are real codes that will be on cans that people will purchase. Upon entering the code, it will then tell that one who legitimately purchased the Red Bull can that their code is invalid. This is going to be a big problem as more and more cans are out there, so something is definitely going to have to be done about it.

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