Detective Pikachu For Nintendo 3DS is a Unique Use of Pokémon Franchise

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Detective Pikachu is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on March 23rd, and judging by the lastest gameplay that was revealed by Nintendo it’s definitely a unique use of the Pokémon franchise.  In Detective Pikachu, players investigate Ryme City on the trail of multiple mysteries.

The unique part of this city is that its a place where Pokémon and people live together.  Pikachu teams up with Tim to find his missing father. Along the way they stumble upon another mystery when they discover the Pokémon of the city acting strangely — and it all seems mysteriously tied to Mewtwo.

The game features a cast of characters who reside in Ryme City, who Pikachu will work with to unravel these mysteries.  Pikachu will perform interogations and puzzle solving as primary gameplay aspects to further the adventure.

Alongside the launch of the game, a Detective Pikachu Amiibo will arrive.  This extra large figure can unlock different cutscenes in the game, which can also provide hints to solve the mystery. Nintendo says that all of these features that are tied to the Amiibo figurine are also available without it, the Amiibo just allows players to access the content more quickly.

Detective Pikachu is due out on the Nintendo 3DS on March 23rd.

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