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Detroit: Become Human hits 1.5 million players

Racking up 20 million hours of QTEs and bad decisions.

by Rhys ap Gwyn

Quantic Dream’s QTE sci-fi drama Detroit: Become Human just a milestone.

According to Detroit: Become Human’s Twitter account, the artificially intelligent game has been played by more than 1.5 million players logging a handsome 20 million hours of playtime.

David Cage has said it’s Quantic Dream’s most successful launch and is certainly the best version of the company’s unyielding vision following Beyond: Two Souls (2013), Heavy Rain (2010), Fahrenheit (2005) and Omikron: The Nomad Soul (1999).

The PS4 exclusive launched on the 25th of May this year and has faired well with fans and critics with our own Dylan Siegler calling it their best adventure yet. If you haven’t played a Quantic Dream game they are a mashup of adventure and quick-time-events which see you making decisions on the fly which often alter the story and your characters. In Detroit: Become Human you assume the roles of three different characters weaving through a tale exploring the relationships between humans and A.I.

They are an acquired taste but certainly offer up something special in an industry full of ho-hums.

While the sales figure is healthy, and certainly cool considering its tech demo origins, Quantic Dream’s games still cater to a very specific audience (myself included) with more “mainstream” titles like the recent God of War, selling 3.1 million units in a mere three days.

Quantic Dream have already stated that they are working on several games simultaneously and if fans are getting behind Detroit, hopefully we will keep getting these odd little gems.

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