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Deus Ex: Human Defiance coming from Square Enix?

by William Schwartz


Square Enix has recently filed a trademark for what could be a new Deus Ex title, named “Deus Ex: Human Defiance”. The trademark was filed by Square Enix Europe, but the publisher has yet to announce a follow-up to 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Considering how popular Deus Ex: Human Revolution was, a follow-up to the game is expected from Square Enix. Just because it’s expected doesn’t mean that this trademark filing is for a full-fledged sequel. With Square Enix having their hands in so many different types of games, this could just as easily be a mobile game or some other project related to the Deus Ex franchise.

Let’s hope that “Human Defiance” will be a next-gen Deus Ex game that we’ll hopefully be hearing more about as we inch closer to E3 2013. This filing was originally discovered on NeoGAF, where forum participants were quick to mention that this could very well be a Wii U release of Human Revolution, or a remake of previous Deus Ex games as well.

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