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Developer warns next Minecraft Xbox 360 Update could be a ways off

| July 8, 2013

Developer warns next Minecraft Xbox 360 Update could be a ways off News Xbox  Minecraft

4J Studios is working away on TU12 for Minecraft on the Xbox 360. After Title Update 11 brought about a number of new features for the game, Minecraft fans have already been patiently awaiting the next patch. Last month we heard from 4J who warned that June would not see the arrival of the next update, and again this month, the developers are saying that they’re still going to need some time to crank out the latest update.

“Lots of changes in the way the code works underneath the game,” said 4J Studios via Twitter. “We’re still working on TU12, there are lots of software architecture changes needed for this update. Thanks for your continued patience.”

4J Studios definitely have their plate full when it comes to Minecraft. They just released a disc-based version of the game, and are currently working on both the Xbox 360 versions of the game, and the recently announced Xbox One version of Minecraft.

When Title Update 12 does arrive for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, it will feature Redstone Blocks and Jungle Landscape. From the sounds of it, probably a lot more as well. The studio did not give an ETA on when to expect this update.

Update: Title Update 12 has been released. For the complete listing of features in the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Update go to the next page by using the arrows above.

4J Studios has also announced that Minecraft Mash-Up Packs will arrive in September. The first pack will be a Mass Effect 3 themed pack that allows players to create all-new worlds in Minecraft, with new character skins, blocks, music, and more. For more details on Mash-up Packs, head here.

There has been no mention of when the next Minecraft Update will arrive. 4J Studios has not even mentioned when fans should expect Title Update 13 for the game.

[tps_title]Minecraft Title Update 12 Features[/tps_title]

Developer warns next Minecraft Xbox 360 Update could be a ways off News Xbox  Minecraft

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12

New Mobs

  • – Ocelot/Cat
  • – Iron Golem
  • – Baby Villager

New Items

  • – Redstone Lamp
  • – Jungle Wood Stairs
  • – Jungle Wood Half Slab
  • – Jungle Wood Block
  • – Jungle Wood Planks
  • – Jungle Tree Sapling
  • – Ocelot Spawn Egg
  • – (Creative Mode only) Chiseled Stone Brick
  • – (Creative Mode only) Mob Heads (Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Zombie, Human and Creeper)


  • – New Tutorial World.
  • – New map height limit (256 instead of 128).
  • – Jungle Biome
  • – Jungle trees
  • – Cocoa beans grow on Jungle trees
  • – Slabs and Stairs can be placed upside-down by placing them below a block.
  • – Added Corner Stairs and upside down Corner Stairs.
  • – Added 3D dropped items.
  • – Added dispensing Boats and Minecarts to Dispenser.
  • – New ambient cave sounds.
  • – New AI for Mobs.
  • – Added rare drops for Mobs.
  • – Villagers will have children if there is room in their village.
  • – Zombie sieges will occur occasionally at night.
  • – Zombies break down doors on Hard Mode.
  • – Crafting recipe for ladder now yields 3 ladders instead of 2.
  • – Placing blocks on grass will replace it.
  • – Lava now has a faint rumbling sound effect, and large particles that hop out of the lava produce a popping sound.
  • – Very rare Desert Wells can be found in Desert biomes.
  • – Increased max boats in a world to 40.
  • – When in the Nether, Snow Golems will melt and die same as when they are in Desert biomes.
  • – Abandoned Mineshafts can generate with wooden bridges now when generated over a cave or over top another tunnel.
  • – Doors have been updated so that double doors work better with Redstone.
  • – Added a Favorites tab to the Skin Selector menu, storing most recently used skins.
  • – Added support for Texture Packs and Mash-up Packs, and display of these in the Minecraft Store.


  • – Fixed local player shadows not being displayed.
  • – Fixed a few issues with the Privileges settings.
  • – Fixed visible seams in clouds.
  • – Fixed 3rd person camera issues with water, where the underwater filter would be randomly removed.
  • – Fix for structures generating at the edge of a world.
  • – Fix for putting enchanted items in a Minecart With Chest and destroying it removes the enchantments.
  • – Fix for breaking a bow having improper animation.
  • – Fix to make Minecarts run at the correct speed.
  • – Fixed a few memory leaks.
  • – Fixed issue with “Can Open Containers” option.
  • – Fixed issues with “Can Build and Mine” option.
  • – Fixed Issue with TNT blocks being triggered by explosions even with “TNT explodes” option off.
  • – Fixed Wolves not tilting their heads when the player has a bone in their hand.
  • – Fixed the color of Potion particles status effect to match the Potion color.
  • – Fix for doors spitting in half and glitching in open/closed motion when mined.
  • – Fixed artifacts on edge of flames when in first person.
  • – Fixed a lot of game lighting issues.
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      it better not be in august because school starts -.-


        sooo you can come home and play it

        • Thunderbolt the Fox

          already graduated haha

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      • sierra

        hah it better not lol

  • Tom

    If its taking this long we better have emeralds and trading

    • iichewy

      The thing is if we ask for more because its gonna be longer then clearly it will take even longer…

    • michael


      • michael

        been wanting emeralds

        • sierra

          me 2 just i like rubys better like sky

      • sierra

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      yah i heard when emeralds come out on compt that the ore was gonna b rubys

  • Sophieboo28

    What is the date the update going to be out though

    • sierra

      yeah i think its in a month or 2

  • Rick

    Me and my friends gave up on this game. No updates no fun!!

    • DevilSaint

      Do you reliese how much of a bitch you are being rick. If you think it is taking to long than make it yourself.

      • Hound

        Do you realize you can’t spell?

    • DevilSaint

      Rick also please fuck me in my ass! Message me ;)

  • F.X.M

    It takes Xbox 4 fucking months to make a fucking update. When it only takes PC 3 FUCKING DAYS!!!!!

    • aperson45655

      shut the fuck up bitch you asshole

    • iichewy

      Because they have screen shots and not certificate testing

    • ILPB

      You sound like a truly big DICK BAG! you know how hard it is to convert computer files to xbox files? i bet you don’t i have a degree in programming,coding and i can hardly think of how they do it. the worst part is impatient dicks like you who wont wait im dieing to see whats in the TU12 update but if you ask for more and more and more it takes 4J longer and longer and longer. so PLEASE do be so fucking impatient you fucking asshole.

      • Noah_Leonardo_

        I bet your degree having bitch ass doesnt even know what hyper threading is you lying sack of shit

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


        “Degrees” are useless.


    • tostupidthewayitis

      calm down if there taking 4 months then there obviously are coming out with a big update!!! any ways you have no patience just for how it already FUCKING is!!!!!

    • James

      I don’t think you understand the difference in the coding of the game. Console is more complicated than PC. Besides, they have to not only convert the code from one into another different code, but they even have to work out bugs, glitches, etc. So you are an idiot if you think they can update in such a short amount of time and to add to that, 4J is not Mojang. 4J is trying to catch up to the original creators of the game and let me say, they’re doing a good job so far. Unless you’d like to replace them and do the same thing as they do.

    • #hate ignorant people

      Wow is it just me or is it pathetic how impatient people are being I mean jeez just a video game if you any deal with it go play outside or something

    • mitch ooper

      Yeah and do you realize that there is a big difference in the console and for one a computer. For one has better ram and it has a better processing unit were as Xbox only has 512mb of ram and a normal computer has 4 gb of ram and as an it technician and a code weaver and code writer. For what they have to do to change i from PC aka JAVA to Xbox aka C++ is really hard especially since there are 4815162342 lines of code for the game.

    • zion j gonzalez

      Calm down there doing little updates for pc so we can catch up with big updates

  • Facts First

    Minecraft on Xbox > PC

    • Keith

      Thats not true what the fuck

  • joo

    van mij mag het wel wat opschieten!!

  • chris

    omg people going mad because of an update ffs go buy it on for the pc

  • jk

    Most game companys work make u pay for this kibd of stuff and just call an add on if its good i can wait

  • arthur

    het zou cool zijn als je nu ook stairs en en half slabs onderste boven zou kunnen plaatsen , emeralds mogen er ook bij komen :)

  • vkjgjgjgkj

    I think PC Fans are loyal enough they can wait a month themselves… why can’t we have even a third of what the PC has?? This is fucking bullshit!!!

  • TattooedFreak

    You have to think, a pc version update is obviously not going to be that hard… the software and capability of the xbox is completely different. and will take more work
    Be patience. im sure it will be worth the wait!

    • Sean

      Agreed :p

    • Zach


    • Booyutoo

      Definitly agreed

  • dave

    God 4j… I gave up since the lie on June. If I can’t get the update this week then I want my money back for buying you unprogressful game…

    • Danny Boy

      Wow really?…just wow…

    • wolfzilla20

      Dave, they never said anything about june
      Secondly who could careless what you want and the game is very progressful. Minecraft has sold over 7 million xbox copies i think they could careless about an ungrateful person like you. Go play a telitubies game i here that its a very progressive game.

      • rockachoc


      • Jonas

        So you want him to play CoD? :D

  • wolfzilla20

    TPeople are funny, they demand an update immediately. I for one enjoy the latest version for xbox.4j has to be able to make minecraft for the xbox one before it releases and they promised bigger worlds for that version so they have to work harder. When you bought minecraft fo the xbox you payed for what they have now not for the future because they do not have to give us the updates for free. Microsoft wanted 4j to have us pay for our updates but they declined because they care about us fans. So stop complaining and enjoy your game that you bought or don’t idgaf but stop bitchin because all it is doing is annoying the fuck out of everyone.

    • NorriCommander

      the xbox version is fine, i agree with you on that, but ive been migrating to Castle Miner Z, a frustrating copy of minecraft, while i wait lol
      that and my boyfriend loves it, /shrug

      • wolfzilla20

        I just recently bought castle miner Z but dislike it because it has no way of making electrical things like tvs like in minecraft. i like making redstone traps and gadgets. That is my point of view if i were to have bought it before i did minecraft oli would have liked it better.

  • sharkbite285

    Heyyy I’m currently becoming a game developer. And coding a game isn’t easy but re doing the codinh seems harder. Thank you 4j for going through all this trouble.

    • mitch ooper

      Yeah and do you realize that there is a big difference in the console
      and for one a computer. For one has better ram and it has a better
      processing unit were as Xbox only has 512mb of ram and a normal computer
      has 4 gb of ram and as an it technician and a code weaver and code
      writer. For what they have to do to change i from PC aka JAVA to Xbox
      aka C++ is really hard especially since there are 4815162342 lines of
      code for the game.

    • J Person

      you should know that they use to only do more updates for the computer than the xbox


    I am glad they put minecraft on xbox 360, but with xbox one coming out soon this is most likely the last update for xbox 360. I have both PS3 and Xbox it would be nice to see minecraft on PlayStation, but they might put TU12 on xbox one when it comes out out

    • NorriCommander

      Nahhh brosky,
      if this no life is right, he said the xbox one version will be TU13 or all on its own-closer to PC, but i dont know if i can believe him which makes my comment null and void. Vrrr zip! rewind delete erase record repeat.

    • Rexucutioner

      Either way they will continue to update the 360 version just like they do with the pc version..

    • Zach

      We dont need it on xbox one then it makes it harder for 4j to make updates and crap and another thing how is going to buy the xbox one right when it comes out!

    • Jack

      They make the most money on PC. You have to understand, they made the game for money. Every game did. But one of the biggest games is 25 dollars. So I am kinda of pissed. All the 8 year olds on here. (appache I randomly replied to you nothing against you, lol)

  • chase

    can you ask what else

  • Raleith

    I have limited net and don’t know how to suggest things so if someone reading this does can you ask them to fix redstone. I build big and a lot of my creations only work wen facing a certain direction and that gets in the way a lot also sometimes redstone will be on with nothing powering it and off wen it is without inverters and that also ruins the circit plz pass this on to someone that can help thx

    • rockachoc

      lol, if it came to redstone, i would be clueless and crapping myself :D

    • Greesy

      The whole directional redstone is not something that can be fixed, I believe they tried before on PC. Consider it as a magnetic field I guess. The redstone with nothing powering it is caused by block updates. They considered this a feature until the redstone update on PC which removed the majority of block updates.

  • Steve Buttox

    Don’t worry I work for Mojang and the release date is July 15th

    • wolfzilla20

      Lol im suppose to beleave you! What a joke
      You put your last name as buttox. And 4j doesnt even know becaue they have to put it in for cert testing so anybody that tells you a release date is wrong because 4j doesnt even know until the night before its realeased. So dont believe anything unless 4j tweets it

      • Jack

        Its july 28th right now x3

    • yflutflkt

      that day happened…

    • UrWrong

      and now its July 30th…

    • Chris

      You could always play a different game…

  • Depper22

    I really want TU12 to come out! I always play the tutorial first so i know how to use things correctly:)

  • kayla

    When are we geting mods i have lots in mind so pls add mods

    • Jack

      They may have a catalog of the the mods, you can request the mdos you want them to add. But ya, they will cost money :l

  • yoyoyooyoyoyoy


  • asf jerome

    this update will not be as good as the pc 1.6 update because there will no horses or all that good stuff and 4j need better updates to minecraft xbox 360 edition. there for minecraft xbox 360 edition sucks and it is not wowowowowoowowowowowowoowowowowowowow yoyoyooyoyoyoy

    • wolfzilla20

      Ur a dumb fuck xbox needs time to get everything transfered. Why buy a game you dislike on the xbox if your going to complain like a whiny bitch

      • dan1234

        Exactly if ur moaning about the pc version being better then why the fuck
        Would you buy it on xbox its like this for most games if you want a game that
        Is better then try and make it yourself

    • wolfzilla20

      Were going at the same pace pc was going so quit your bitchen noone cares

    • fat daddy

      u forgot the fluff

    • rockachoc

      dude, stop wasting your time whining, 4J studios have said there could be horses, so calm your tits

    • Jack

      KId, get off your ass and go outside and look at the world.

      • Jack

        Inpatient bitch.

  • william

    It’s so bordering. Hurry up 4j! We’re not human wait forever

    • Jack

      My friend is a worker at mojang. He says they get a ton of shit like this. You make a game, and I will go to it and say “HURRY UP IS TAKING FOREVER” See how you feel.

  • william


  • william


  • william

    Ok wth auto correct

  • XEliteAnbuX

    well if 4j is taking longer will there be even better stuff in tu 12 ?

  • fat daddy

    I hope that it is actually helpful for a change

  • Joey

    I am mad that are putting update 11 and 12 together

  • minecraft#1


  • minecraft#1

    It better be quick

  • minecraft#1

    We need emeralds and trading and mods

  • iTwiiXx

    on 4j’s twitter they’ve posted pictures and stuff. So upside down stairs, and upper half slabs will be in it. Another thing taking them so long is theyre working on texture packs.

  • The James

    To all who don’t understand this……. pc’s coding is extremely different than xbox360 and converting the coding languange is a pain in the ass.

  • joe


  • joe


  • joe


  • Bradley Roissetter

    iv been looking on the internet to see when the next update is almost every day for months somone said, july 20th, so iv been waiting and waiting and now its not happening, iv stoped playing minecraft till the next update grrrrrrrr, does anyone know how many updates away they are to having horses in minecraft xbox 360 ?

  • jonas

    We better get jungle biomes.

  • Ghostkiller9991

    Yay minecraft soo sexy

  • jared

    have patience

  • jared

    and we are getting jungles up side down stiars cats iron golens new blooks bigger blook hiats and coco bean seads

  • jared

    the xbox is better than the pc

  • spot

    i just gotta say i love minecraft and play it quite often for all the people bashin 4j studios just cuz an update is late are retarted…..its a video game…when i buy video game i never expect updates…idk many games that do update that often at all on xbox….i was acually suprised 4j studios did… i think thats awsome and minecraft is an ingenous game….i acually wish of the other games i have would update like minecraft

  • Mark Nutt

    Not related to minecraft at all, this is related to that fucking ad they have about becoming a writer for this site, I didn’t realize what the back ground was until now, it’s the fucking last of us! I’ve been trying to get it out of
    My head since I just finished the game. -le sigh

  • Fubbi3

    Good things to those who wait, although some sort of.function to turn weather on/off and.animals they a pain wen ur building. Lol

  • colin

    I’d be perfectly happy with them releasing a series of small updates that introduce introduce the new things one by one or in small groups

  • colin

    And just for the record I really appreciate all of 4j’s hard work

    • jack

      I aggre people should be thankful they even have minecraft on xbox

  • Superdudeman09

    This is bull it’s coming August 1st to August 10th

  • SlinkDistress84

    Why is it taking so long

  • SlinkDistress84

    Hey fluffy

  • SlinkDistress84

    Or asf jerome

  • Jacob

    If I have to Wait this long then we better be able to make iron Gollum

  • Dalton

    Can u add horses and fucking hurry I am about to fucking quite

  • Jimmy

    Add hunger games servers! And mini games also (: i can wait for that!

  • Mason

    You should be able to change you friends game mode like let’s say you made a mini game and Somone died thy should be able to be put in like a kind of creative mode so they can spectate everyone else

  • creeperkiller1

    I agree

  • logan

    i like the game but its taking to long 4 the update i dont play the game no more because there takeing 2 long 4 the update they should update know and keep updating

  • Porqueman

    its understandable that it would take a while to update but they did say before or atleast hinted in a way to make it seem as if it was to be in june and now we are almost in august and just now being told and honestly more people would of choose less content in the update and have it quicker but with that said small update they seem to release is always bugged so think of it like this all those bugs in the game up till the next update are what they also have to deal with because they didn’t test for bugs enough all those other times (or just fix the major bugs and leave the small ones for the bug fix update) so be mad it is their fault and the consumers for wanting it sooner so yeah

  • Cpt. Hawkins

    You should all be ashamed of complaining about waiting for a patch update…It will get here when it gets here..they have people waiting 4 days to eat trash out of the garbage and they complain less than you..

  • Cja


  • Cja

    Hate this o

  • Cja

    Fkakcmqlfucbo:2(subzero krjdwhvqfpwkxknmxnnapgkdkfjsjgjslbl I the you guys so much I deleted minecraft on my Xbox

  • Rexucutioner

    One thing 4j said when they first released minecraft xbox360 edition is that they wanted to stray away from the pc version. I don’t see why everyone is so pissed about waiting for something that will make the game better.. U paid for it already so get over it.

  • Nathan

    I’ve bean wateing so long for the jungle biom

  • XxNinjaXx

    I cant WAIT i been waiting for this

  • XxNinjaXx

    I hope there is trading so its easier to get bottle o’ enchanting

  • Bob

    God sake

  • brent


  • Sasparillo Hutch

    I just want a fucking carrot added to the game so I can put it on a stick to ride a pig in circles. That’s all I want, dammit.

    • Jack

      SImple man. I like it :D

  • Shay

    Why is the update taken so long

  • John

    gentlemen there is no need for cursing Patience young padawans

  • Matthew Watson


    • Jack

      Wow. They are working hard you selfish son of a bitch. When you get a job and somebody says “HURRY U PYOU FUCKING BITCH!” tell me how you feel.

  • Matthew Watson

    But I applaud 4j u have done great and this update will be great


    oh!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derpy Hooves

    When is the update going to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zackary Michael Rogers

    It better have upside down stairs, corner stairs, and different ways to put down half slabs. That should have been in the recent one! Curse you Mojang!!!!

  • fernando


  • JD

    Some of you need to get off Minecraft and get a real life. To get that pissed off about a game update is seriously pathetic. Another thing, learn how to use punctuation, grammar, and how to spell. If you are so impatient that you cant wait for an update, get the PC version instead of throwing a hissy fit on a forum.

    • Jack

      Wise words.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      YOU = #getalife

  • clayton


  • Kitsubug

    I want to be able to place slabs on the top portion of blocks not just bottom. Please give us texture packs that we can choose from. I mean we could even pay for them money for you guys. A program to create skins also another nice thing. Girls don’t have a ton of options for skins, most are kinda creepy.

  • Rise Enzymes

    yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy but they need to hurry up screw xbox one

  • Jack

    This is the new generation? Take me back to 1990! D:

  • Alex

    You guys should make mods for the xbox 360 plz it would be awsome

  • INFO

    Hope they bring in Pumpkin pie because I have A LOT of Pumpkins and I like Pumpkin Pie has well :p


    I. NEED. BEACONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Herimaku

    Yeah. it seems a lot of us are disappointed that the update hasn’t came out yet. But we all have to understand that it takes a little more time with xbox 360 because it dosen’t hold much space like a computer dose. reason why Mine craft on the computer has a bigger map and the updates for the pc or probably minor

  • josh

    Can’t want for it !!!!!!!!!!

  • zion j gonzalez

    I’ve heard that it might come out on the 1 of July

  • stormgirl

    hope there’s trading ^-^

  • Hunter


  • J Person

    no it better not be in august i thought itwas the 18 the i thought the 30th but noooooooo its after i been waiting sense june 1

  • Griffin

    That’s Fuking stupid a Fuking load a Fuking shit

    • Robert

      Griffin shut the fuck up your a dumb piece of shit

  • Save

    Shut it Sean I’m sad

  • Chip

    Rag1n pacifist school starts in September dumbo

  • Nate Carney

    when xbox one minecraft is made will they stop updating xbox 360 minecraft

  • Lewis Conway

    When is the next update

  • Austin

    So when is the update coming out?

  • booob


  • Michael Angelo Austin

    I want to catch up to pc

  • Susan Munoz

    give these guys time its just thing are going slow as they should

  • Susan Munoz

    give them 5 or 6 months

  • Susan Munoz

    so don’t be upset

  • Susan Munoz

    is is going to be a big update the bigger the longer

  • Susan Munoz

    I have the same problem but I still play minecraft or minecrap

  • ATX

    FYI: Xbox is trying to make gamers pay for them as DLC so that’s why they are spaced out so long

  • Devon

    Ha Gayyyyyyyyyyyy you guys are all just a bunch of homos who need to get a life. Or kill your self before it gets worse. Please one or the other fucking faggots

  • Jacob

    Are there going to be horses in the new update.

  • sierra


  • brad

    that sucks I have to wait longer

  • Emwaemma

    Please put horses in the next update pleaseeee

  • Cody

    Does anybody know if we’re getting ocelots in the next update?

  • James

    I was hoping that it would b more like Pc version like hunger games and stuff online!! Who likes this idea^^

    • long awesomeguy

      if you r not going to talk about the update for xbox then don’t get on JAMES!

  • creeper kid


  • creeper kid

    Halloween mine
    craft texture pack

  • Evan Powell


  • person tom bob boy guy

    I want it now

  • person tom bob boy guy

    plz 4j plz 4j plz4j plz 4j plz 4j

  • joshuasucka

    ADD ME n00b killer1236 if u want to play minecraft together!!

  • Darian Barber

    this is not the latest update

  • ben

    hurry up on getting horses into mincraft you really need to be able to make horse armour and make donkeys mules and witchs

  • Long awesomeguy

    if there r no hourses coming out soon I am going to delet my minecraft from my console

  • reece

    what is the exact date of minecraft xbox 360 update just atleast what month its in

  • Aly baba

    Minecraft rules

  • jonathan

    when horses coming out on xbox date

  • ryan

    we need horses or donkeys

  • james

    when is the next update?

  • Boodog

    But when is the next update will there be rabbits ????

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