Devil May Cry 5’s Bloody Palace is Now Available

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A long running staple of the Devil May Cry series has made its return in the form of a free add on for the latest entry, Devil May Cry 5The Bloody Palace is back, and it looks bigger, badder, and bloodier than ever before. This time theirs three different play styles to utilize, which means more time in the Palace for anyone who dares to give it a go.

Acting as the endgame content, the Bloody Palace is an intense survival mode where you play as any of the three main protagonists, Dante Nero and V, as you attempt to brave through wave after wave of demons. Fighting on a small platform, you’ll be tasked to eliminate a specific amount of enemies with a time limit to add to the suspense. Once completed, you’ll move onto the next floor where even more difficult opponents await you. The higher you go in the Bloody Palace, the harder the demons will be.

In addition, every 10 floors their will be a special boss added to the horde of demons for you to contend with. The Bloody Palace has always been a fan favorite of Devil May Cry fans as they often turn this mode into their own type of challenge, such as speed runs and highest combo amplifiers. Oh, theirs also 101 floors to go through, so we hope your button mashing skills are up to the task. Devil May Cry 5’s Bloody Palace is available now as a free add on for all platforms.

You can check out the launch trailer here:



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