Dexterity is Better Than Strength According to Elden Ring Survey

Find out why players are flocking to Dexterity over Strength in FromSoftwares Magnum Opus.

by Shaun Cichacki


It seems like Elden Ring players have finally decided what the best way to approach the game is, according to a survey published by Frontline Gaming Japan. After asking 1,700 gamers of different ages, sexes, and skill levels, they have finally come up with a fairly comprehensive list that shows the different ways that people are experiencing the world of Elden Ring.

While some players that were asked their opinions had only put in a few hours, there are 112 that have put in over 300 hours with the game, so they’re able to get a wide variety of different opinions on how the game is played. One of the greatest parts of Elden Ring is the sense of exploration, as well as the brutal combat that can cause players to overcome a plethora of different ways to play the game.

You’ll have a few different options as to how you’d like to approach things in the world, but it seems like the majority of gamers surveyed seem to agree on one thing: that Dexterity is a higher priority than Strength in Elden Ring.

For those that are not familiar, there are eight different areas to spend your hard-earned Runes:

  • Vigor
  • Endurance
  • Dexterity
  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Mind
  • Arcane
  • Faith

There are a few main reasons that Dexterity may have ranked higher than Strength, and it mainly has to do with two things: fall damage, and getting knocked off of Torrent. The higher your points are in Dexterity, the less damage you take from falling from high ledges, and the harder it is to get knocked off of your new steed, Torrent. Since many players have found different ways to cheese bosses in Elden Ring with the help of Torrent, this could explain the huge surge in its popularity.

It also seems to fall in line that the most popular weapon in Elden Ring, the Katana, usually requires a higher Dexterity rating, so putting those two together would help figure out why this stat is more popular than Strength at this point. With Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice still being a popular title in the FromSoftware library, people may have wanted to take their Samurai skills to the next level, and show off what makes the weapon and playstyle so great.

It seems if you want to become the greatest Elden Lord of legend, you’ll need to start pumping some points into Dexterity and make sure that you’re prepared for the journey ahead.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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