Diablo 4 is Missing a Fan Favorite Feature and Players are Frustrated

Some fans are looking for a certain feature to return in Diablo 4.

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Diablo 4 players are always outward speaking about what features mean the most to them and those which they would love to have included: such as a missing fan favorite feature. When exploring dungeons, knowing exactly what room layout is around the corner without having to bring up a larger map can be helpful for progression. This is one of the critical elements of the proposed missed feature.

One post on Reddit has gotten a lot of attention (over 1000 upvotes) about the feature and many have been weighing in on the discussion. The Map Overlay found throughout the Diablo series in the past has been a translucent addition to the screen. It allows players to see behind the map even when checking out closeby room layouts or using it for general direction.

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Ultimately the choice of not having a map overlay option/feature present was a design decision, and there was likely immense thought which went into the choice. Design isn’t just a five-minute one-point-to-one-end process; there are instead various branching pathways that all merge onto one final choice after being worked through. However, we know that the map overlay was highly effective for players so it does seem strange for it to be missing.

From a technical standpoint, there aren’t too many obvious reasons right off the bat that an overlay map could slow down any major portion of performance for Diablo 4. This leads us to the conclusion that it was likely the main design choice to focus on a more solidified map instead. All in all, there will be people on two sides of the map design discussion — some will prefer the newer method much more.

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One thing is for certain though, the overlay map discourse has been happening ever since the beta period of the game. This of course highlights that it is something that the developers may take note of because it has been getting so much attention. It is unknown if there will ever be an overlay map added but for now, we wouldn’t hold our breath on that.

No matter what style of map you prefer, everyone can enjoy slaying demons in the gorgeous brutal world of Sanctuary day in and day out.

- This article was updated on June 8th, 2023

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