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Diablo’s Auction House explained by Blizzard

by William Schwartz


Later this month when Diablo III launches worldwide, Blizzard will be allowing all players to play together.  Servers will be divided by region, with the Americas, Europe, and Asia each having a place to call home in the Diablo game world.  Obviously, depending on which region you live in, your home server will be assigned to that region.  However, if you will also have the opportunity to play on other servers if you choose.

The gold-based auction house opens its doors worldwide on May 15 with the launch of Diablo III, and we plan to bring the real-money auction house online approximately one week after that.Blizzard is breaking down characters, items, and friends lists by each region.  So you won’t have the loot and XP that you earn if you switch Americas to Europe for example.  The same set of rules that govern characters, friends, and items by region will also apply to Diablo III’s online auction house venture, where players will be able to sell cyber-loot for real money or in-game currency.  For real money transactions you’ll need to conduct your auction dealings in your home region.  For gold auctions, you can use them from any region.

From the recent tutorial that Blizzard has unveiled, buying and selling goods seems to be pretty straight forward.  When you get into selling items for real world cash, that’s when things begin to get a little tricky.  In North America, Blizzard will take a dollar off of the top, for all equipment on the auction house sales.  This goes for weapons, armors, and other loot that falls into the predetermined categories.  For commodity based items like gems, Blizzard will take a fifteen percent fee out of the total selling price.  Players can transfer funds to either a account balance, or cash-out with Paypal which also takes a hearty portion of your earnings.

The gold based auction houses will open when the game launches on May 15th.  As for the real cash auctions, Blizzard is hoping to launch them “approximately one week after that”.

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