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DICE confirms Battlefield 4 reveal for later this month

by William Schwartz


DICE has confirmed that “a new era” of Battlefield will be shown at GDC ’13 later this month. After earlier invitations went out to press that alluded to a Battlefield 4 reveal at the conference, a second round of invites have gone out, which out there intentions to show off the new shooter.

This “new era” could signal that DICE is ready to talk about the next-generation of consoles. With the PlayStation 4 a secret no more, they’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so. Fans shouldn’t expect too much from DICE though, At GDC ’11, DICE held a similar event for Battlefield 3, and in it only a short preview of the campaign was shown. It was enough to spark the interest of Battlefield fans, but the finer details of multiplayer weren’t revealed for months after.

The Battlefield 4 Event will be held in San Francisco on March 26th.

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